Friday, August 31, 2007

Norway cutting aid to Ethiopia after diplomats expelled

The Associated Press

Ethiopia's decision to expel six Norwegian diplomats will cost the country US$5 million (€3.75 million) in development aid, an official said Friday.

Hilde Klementsdal, a spokeswoman for Norway's aid ministry, said the decision was practical, not political.

"It would not be responsible to give that much money without anyone to check it," she said.
Norway had been planning to give Ethiopia — one of the poorest countries in the world — about US$17 million (€3.75 million) this year. She said the ministry planned to look into other ways to help projects in Ethiopia.

The six Norwegian diplomats were asked to leave the country by Sept. 15, leaving three staffers in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia did not give a specific reason for the ouster, but said Norway's government has been "pampering" anti-Ethiopia groups in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopian officials did not immediately return calls for comment.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Aid program in Ethiopia may be reduced" Minister of International Development Erik Solheim says

Important aid projects in Ethiopia may be reduced, after six diplomats at the Norwegian embassy in Addis Ababa have been asked to leave, Minister of International Development Erik Solheim says

He says it is still uncertain which projects will be affected, and how large the cuts will be.

Solheim says that Norwegian authorities wish for a continuing dialogue with Ethiopian auhorities on how the aid program is to be continued.

The reason for the cuts is that the remaining embassy staff of three will not be able to administer the work previously done by nine persons.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere says to Aftenposten that the annual aid directly administered by the embassy staff is around NOK 100 million, and that this may be reduced by NOK 30 million.

Stoere underlines that this is not a form of punishment, but a consequence of the reduced manpower at the embassy following the expulsion of six diplomats.

However, most of Norway's aid to Ethiopia is distributed through the UN and other organisations, and will not be affected, the Norwegian Foreign Minster says.

Last year Ethiopia received NOK 268 million in aid from Norway.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UN to examine needs, violence in Ethiopia's Ogaden

UN to examine needs, violence in Ethiopia's Ogaden

By Barry Malone

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The United Nations plans to send a fact-finding mission to Ethiopia's Ogaden region where separatist rebels who killed 74 people in an April attack say they are facing the toughest government crackdown in years.

The mission, due to start on August 30, will assess allegations by the rebels and rights groups of human rights abuses as well as the food, water and health needs of Ogaden's ethnic Somalis.

The remote region bordering Somalia has come under growing scrutiny since the government launched a campaign two months ago to flush out Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebels after they carried out one of their bloodiest attacks on a Chinese-run oil exploration field in April.

Rights groups accuse soldiers of shooting civilians, burning homes and seizing livestock in its hunt for the ONLF, which wants more autonomy for the area believed to be rich in oil and gas.
"The information coming from the Somali region since the beginning of the Ethiopian government campaign against the ONLF has been secondhand, and it has been worrying," Paul Hebert, head of the U.N.'s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Ethiopia, told Reuters on Wednesday.

"This is a humanitarian assessment but we will be looking at protection issues, particularly involving women and children."

The 14-person team has received the government's go-ahead to meet whomever they wish.
But, asked if it would meet ONLF representatives, Hebert said: "We will not be seeking out armed groups."

The ONLF says a trade blockade is choking food supplies and causing starvation in the region inhabited mostly by nomadic herders estimated to number between four to 10 million.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi calls the ONLF terrorists and says they are funded by neighbour and arch-foe Eritrea. He has repeatedly asserted his right to ensure security throughout the vast Horn of Africa country of 81 million.

The ONLF welcomed the mission saying it was a first step to addressing the "manmade humanitarian catastrophe" in Ogaden.

"We call on the United Nations not to limit the scope of this mission to a humanitarian assessment but to include a preliminary investigation of war crimes being committed against our people by the current ... regime," it said in a statement.

Local authorities expelled the International Committee of the Red Cross this month, accusing the aid agency, one of the few operating there, of consorting with rebels.

The U.N. mission will include staff from the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the agencies dealing with child welfare, food and health.

A Call of Help: Save Two Young Tormented Oromo Refugees

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Two brothers younger than 20; a life littered. Youth dreams evaporated; a family dispersed. Their father killed under chaotic circumstances difficult to accept and impossible to comprehend. Their mother vanished in the escapade trip out of Abyssinia to Sudan.
Where to search in the vast Sudanese wasteland? Where to recollect their life’s unfolded beginning?

Is there a force in this world to remove this hand of adversity that so pitilessly pursued them since their childhood in Moyale, their birthplace on the Kenyan borderline?

Abdurazak Haji Nebi and Sadam Haji Nebi greet you from Cairo!

A few nights ago, I met the two young Oromo brothers in a place where all laugh, smile, and enjoy their time; I was shocked by their calm, noble and persistent sadness of their faces.
Yet, like true, brave heroes of the Mountains Batu and Chilalo, Abdurazak and Sadam did not cry, did not weep, and did not shed a tear. I don’t think that I met braver people over the past 10 years.

When I looked at them with a penetrating glance, they smiled mildly and let me read in their eyes the true story that I will narrate.

Abdurazak was born in 1988 and Sadam came to life two years later. They spent their childhood in Moyale. As their father was killed in 1999, and the entire family came under threat of extinction, they followed their mother and their uncle (from their father’s side) and reached Metemma in Sudan on 18 October 1999. This was only the beginning of an errant life with many adventures and terrible deprivations.

As an undeserved, second hit, their mother disappeared in the unclear circumstances of the Sudanese anarchic circumference. They had no other solution than to stay with their uncle, and share with him whatever Life would send them as survival.

And it was not that easy for their 12-year eyebrows.

They spent in Sudan 13 months; then, the Sudanese government made plans for their deportation to the Hell of Abyssinia. They had to move as soon as they could to Egypt; they landed at Cairo on 14 November 2000. Their light baggage contained a Certificate (To whom it may concern) issued by the Oromo Relief Association (P.O. Box 2807 – Khartoum, Sudan). The paper was issued days before their departure for Cairo (1 November 2000), signed and stamped. I copy the document’s English text without editing.

Waldaa Gargaarsa Oromo

This is to certify that 1. Abdurzaki Haji Nebi – 12 years old and 2. Sadam Haji Nebi – 10 years old had been brought up under the care of Oromo Relief Association when it had been working among the Oromo Refugees in the Sudan. Their father was died before the last few years and they have been living as a Refugee in Sudan under the care of Oromo Relief Association (ORA).
However, at present the Oromo Relief Association is closed by the Sudanese Government and prohibited from its humanitarian services in Sudan. Since then it is beyond its ability to care for the needy Refugee because of resources. Hence, the Oromo Refugees, particularly those who are completely under its care or supervision are exposed to conditions of humanitarian crisis or starvation where their future fate would be at risk.

Therefore, since Oromo Relief Association does not have any alternative to alleviate the plight of these children as before, we wish them good success in their serious problem wherever they go.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation

(Details about Citibank accounts in Khartoum and Frankfurt appear on the bottom of the page)
Cairo – From Survival to Panic

After the two children arrived with their uncle in Cairo, they managed with his help to live a mean refugee life without any foreseeable improvement perspective. No school, few friends, and a daily life constrained into a few US dollars per day. They had at least their uncle as shelter, which was a reason to be relatively calm. Yet, this situation changed dramatically.

Their uncle’s fiancée (also Oromo) had traveled to Australia, and from there she sent him an invitation (visa). Having spent many years without an improvement perspective, their uncle, Jafar Said, left on 25 April 2006, hoping that in Australia he could at last arrange his life.

The two teenagers went to the UNHCR Cairo office, reported their situation, stated that their uncle had gone, that they were completely alone, and that they were taken in charge by the Oromo Refugee Community in Cairo. Then, UNHCR Cairo office employees contacted Caritas to help them get some assistance. This truly happened, and they got a monthly financial assistance starting by July 2006. This lasted one year, and was terminated last month (July 2007).

As their case was linked by the UNHCR Cairo office with that of their uncle who was their protector, their uncle’s departure produced a problem; UNHCR had to separate their case from that of their uncle which had to be considered as definitely closed since last year. The two teenagers received a UNHCR letter last April that was an invitation for interview; the UNHCR employees interviewed them but found their case weak and unconvincing, and a few days ago they called them to announce them the terrible results.

Both rejected by UNHCR

Immediate consequence of the UNHCR decision was that they were stripped of their blue card, and were given yellow card instead. A sheer degradation and the beginning of an unexpected Angst. Yellow card means that they are not considered as proper refugees anymore; they have the status of a simple applicant. They have the right to appeal until 23 September. As nothing can change in the description of their case, the most probable result will be that following a second rejection, their file will be closed, and they will face immediate deportation.

What can save them?

Any Oromo member of an Oromo Refugee Community in any other country, US, UK, Australia, should send a letter presenting him/herself as their sponsor and invite the young refugee brothers to a land of final settlement, peaceful existence, perspectives, and new life. Shall we say that Real Life will only then start for them?

Any person willing to help should contact the President and/or the Secretary General of the Oromo Refugee Community in Cairo (website: / email: / mobile: + 2012 2917839) as soon as possible.

Do not let the two Oromo teenagers of Cairo end up in the Hell of the Abyssinian jails!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ethiopia orders 6 Norwegian diplomats to leave country

The Associated Press

Ethiopia has ordered six Norwegian diplomats to leave the country by Sept. 15, expressing "dissatisfaction" with Norway's conduct in the Horn of Africa region, the Norwegian foreign affairs minister said Monday.

Ethiopia asked Norway to withdraw the six diplomats on Aug. 15 and since then, Norwegian officials have tried to get their Ethiopian counterparts to clarify the reasons for the order, but with no success, Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said.

Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Wahide Belay said he was not aware that Norwegian diplomats had been asked to leave the country.

"I haven't heard about this, that they were told to leave," Wahide told The Associated Press late Monday.

"We are surprised and regret the Ethiopian authorities' unilateral decision," Stoere said in a statement posted on the ministry's Web site.

"We must now take the consequences of the fact that the Ethiopian authorities are upholding their decision and we are therefore making preparations to withdraw six diplomats from our embassy in (the Ethiopian capital) Addis Ababa," Stoere said.

The statement said that the expulsion of the diplomats did not "imply" a break in diplomatic relations with Ethiopia.

Diplomats at the Norwegian Embassy in Ethiopia declined to comment, referring all inquiries to the statement on the ministry's Web site.

Ethiopian: To Celebrate "Millenium," Years of sorrow, years of shame Oppression against Oromo people

Abdulkadir Gumi

We are pained and indignant that Oromia the land of a great Oromo civilization of Gadaa system records as the place where the human right violation is practiced against the powerless and vulnerable people in Oromia . Tragically the power countries have ignored the cries of distress from Oromo people in Oromia and the oppression against them.

It was since 100 years ago that Oromo People were colonized by Abyssinian atrocities.

The genocide and persecution unleashed against Oromo people and other ethnic group which was racially motivated, inhuman policy has had remarkable in the mind of all Oromo's, by doing that Ethiopia became the world’s latest sovereignty to attempt genocide as a way to solve its problems with a troublesome minority. Mercilessly conducted by ‘Ethiopian’ Dictators helps only the further radicalization of the peaceful and tolerant Oromia nation that for many long decades has been inhumanly oppressed within tyrannical Abyssinia. Oromos were never asked about their – most hateful and most inhuman – inclusion in the most repugnant African tyranny. The government of Ethiopia has directly and indirectly fostered conflict and bloodshed between Oromo, Amhara, Isaa, Degodia, Gedeo, Gabre and Sidama peoples. Ethiopian security forces have killed Oromo citizens residents of Ethiopia and Kenya .

However long the night, the dawn will break". ---Oromo Proverb

Details emerging from Oromo refugees everywhere in the world are disturbing, the stories we have are horrible and shocking to human conscience. The government of Ethiopian is intensifying its repressive action on Oromo of Ethiopia and in refugees, who have sought to exercise there cultural right.

Many Oromo nationalist , artist , Teachers , social workers from different association were gunned down or persecuted by TPLF thugs (government of Ethiopia) in all of Horn of Africa and even in refugee camps in the past years they become refugees and asylum seekers leaving the fruitful and wealthy country of Oromia . They were threatening their authority because they were Oromos and very popular in their home country , they only need democracy and Oromo rights to be implemented and article 39 of Ethiopian constitutation , those charismatic Oromo nationalist , teachers artists , social workers and student. Until now, no power asked Ethiopia over the genocide and crimes committed by Tigre and Amhara successive regime on Oromo people since long time. Many kind of evidence produced, those people were killed except that they were a proud Oromos. The irony of it all, they were killed and imprisoned in the heart of their home Oromia without any crime by an Alien invaders Tigre and Amhara people and there previous government . Yet, many people were killed just because they were suspected known to have never been involved or have any kind of connection with politics. there blood are not in vain.

Many more thousand if not millions of bright Oromians lost their life in the hand of TPLF government of Ethiopia. While as many languish throughout Ethiopian Empire jail. One day without a doubt, TPLF leaders have to answer for all the crimes they have been committing against the Oromo people. They will pay for it dearly.

"The world
Perhaps Prime Minister Males Zenawi knows very much that one day he will answer. knowing that Oromo's are AWAKING and They will fight for justice that they were killed for until the day million Oromo's will die in search of just peace.

What celebration and millennium is that of Ethiopia historically, I hope no Oromo's in Diaspora will put there feet or face Ethiopia to celebrate such bogus celebration. In doing that I think you have contributed in the Genocide against Oromo's throughout the decade of Oromo's.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Forgotten People of Northern Kenya ll – Moyale

Forgotten People of Northern Kenya ll – Moyale

Abdulkadir Gumi
August 24, 2007

Moyale is the name of the town at the main border crossing between Ethiopia and Kenya. Technically one could say there are two towns; Ethiopian Moyale (north) and Kenyan Moyale (south), with the border running between them.

IT is inhabited by the Borana Oromo, Gabra Oromo and other Oromos. It is the main border post on the Nairobi-Addis Ababa road, located at 3°-34°ŒN, 39°-5°ŒE.Based on figures from the Central Statistical Agency in 2005, Dide Galgalu Desert is known for its traditional architecture.

During World War II, both parts of the town was captured by Italians from Ethiopia in 1940, and retaken by the British on 15 July 1940.

To the north, buses run on the tarmac road all the way to Addis Ababa. To the south, only private vehicles - in particular, cattle trucks - go along the unmade track to Marsabit, and then Isiolo - from where public transport is available on the tarmac roads the rest of the way to Nairobi.

we are a century and no dev elopment had happened in Northern Kenya region MOYALE since Kenya independent and nothing seems forthcoming . Northern Kenyan people are in a real disaster of ignorance and clan feud with foreign aggressors.unlike the other Kenyans tribes we have virtually no functional infrastructures, schools ,roads , hospitals , and extension service are not more than a stale reminder that of colonial time .

The Oromo Boranas of Northern Kenya along the border have been victims of widespread harassment, murder, torture, and detentions without trial and unexplained disappearances at the hands of Ethiopian government soldiers. The terror escalated as soon as the present Ethiopian regime of TPLF/EPRDF took over from Mengistu's Communist government. The TPLF government of Ethiopia would like the world to believe that this government is legitimate and democratic than previous regimes. Let their record speak for itself. It is exactly a decade ago and probably they would celebrate the 10th anniversary since ascension to power, but the Borans are grieving. They have buried their relatives and children and continue to bury the dead up to this day, and this brutal tyrannical regime has inflicted more pains and suffering to the Borans than any other time in the history of the Ethiopian empire. We have no idea how many Kenyan Borans suffered at the hands of the previous Ethiopian governments, but the evidence we have of the current Ethiopian government's participation in the killings of Kenyan Boran along the border is overwhelming. Every time one reads about the border clashes, the TPLF government would try the best they could to paint Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) as the cause of the problem. They would say their soldiers pursue OLF fighters across the border and the Borans are harboring OLF fighters. What a travesty. Shame! Are the Borans in Kenya OLF supporters? This has been speculated and Ethiopian government would like you to belief that the OLF they are fighting are also on the Kenya side of the border, but the reality is that there is no evidence to support the allegations. A mere sympathy or ethnic affiliation does not justify these heinous crimes against humanity, just because Borans occupy both side of the border. It is not crime to live along the border, as a matter of fact, the Borans were living in the area before the colonists (British & Ethiopia) ever set foot in the region and demarcated the borderline. However, the point of our contention is not to argue against or for border issue but to set the record straight that OLF do not need the support of Kenyan citizens to win their war.

It is true, Borans are part of the larger Oromo. The Oromo people are the majority in the Ethiopian Empire, (over 25 million) and yet they are being brutalized by this regime. Oromos have had a long history of suffering under past regimes and continue to suffer under this regime as well. The Ethiopian government is perpetrating daily massacres on Oromo civilians in all regions of Oromia. The plight of Oromo suffering is now recognized by Human Rights Organization and has been documented. OLF is no different from any other freedom fighters, fighting to gain independence from the yoke of colonialism. The Oromo people in Ethiopia had no choice but wage bitter struggle for their inalienable rights to self-determination, just like all colonized people ought to do. Many Kenyans may not understand, because they have always been told that Ethiopia is the only country that has not been colonized. How little do we know the country bordering us in the north! Colonists or dictators are color blind, just because most of colonial oppressors were white, does not mean that there are not black colonizers. In the case of Ethiopia, the Abyssinian empire annex all the regions bordering Abyssinia by force and made them subjects, the expansion would have continued and taken over the whole of northern Kenya, had it not been for the British who eager to expand themselves, quickly stopped the expansion. Thus, the birth of border line.

Far from the eyes of the world, the forgotten people of Northern Kenya are dying from ethnic violence, local banditry,living in fear and abuse by the provincial administration and international aggression. Murders, abductions, torture, rape and the disappearance of citizens are common occurrences. Insecurity and humanitarian need in this part of Kenya have reached staggering proportions.

To proceed. be in touch.

Victory To Justice and peace

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oromo Political prisoners Constitute 85% of Qallitti Prisoners

Oromo Political prisoners Constitute 85% of Qallitti Prisoners

Three Ethiopian journalists recently freed from Qaliitti prison have escaped to Nairobi, Kenya where they gave interviews to the Washington Post Foreign Service (WP). According to WP:

“The journalists estimated that perhaps 85 percent of the inmates were political prisoners from Oromia.”

"There was a 90-year-old man and an 86-year-old man," said one journalist. "One had been there for 12 years, the other for eight years, and they were still waiting for a trial. The 86-year-old had scars all over his body from being beaten. If you heard their story, you would not think you are living in the 21st century.
Read more in detail from Here

Media Watchdog Criticizes Ethiopia's Press Freedom

Media Watchdog Criticizes Ethiopia's Press Freedom

By Malcolm Webb Nairobi21 August 2007

International media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, has criticized the Ethiopian government for its inconsistent approach to press freedom. On Saturday, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi conditionally pardoned four journalists who had previously been given long prison sentences. As Malcolm Webb reports from Nairobi, the media watchdog say that the journalists' release does not suggest a move toward more press freedom in Ethiopia.

The Paris-based group says it welcomes the release of the four Ethiopian journalists. The journalists had been convicted in July of crimes relating to their coverage of the post-election unrest in 2005. They were given prison sentences ranging from four to 15 years after waiving their defense and pleading guilty, in anticipation of being granted a pardon.

But the group says it is regrettable that they were freed because of what the group believes was the prime minister's wish, not because of the outcome of a fair trial.

A senior researcher at Reporters Without Borders, Vincent Brossel, said the Ethiopian government's inconsistent actions are destroying the credibility of the country's justice system, and that their release does not signify any move toward press freedom.

"It does not make any difference because it is just a release, and they had to sign papers saying they are guilty. The government has all the means to arrest them again and to put them in trouble. I think that the real positive step will be to give licenses without restriction to pro-opposition people and independent editors, and to be able to say that any dissident voices can be heard in the country. And I think that is not the case for now," he said.

Nine other journalists were acquitted in April after 17 months in prison, charged with genocide and other anti-state crimes in connection with their reporting, but another media watchdog say the Ethiopian government has since attempted to have their charges reinstated.

Several thousand people, including journalists, publishers and opposition members, were arrested in November 2005 in a government crackdown that followed protests over alleged vote rigging in the election. There were 190 people were killed in the unrest, the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy blamed the deaths on security forces.

Prime Minister Meles denied the allegations of election fraud, and blamed the opposition for starting violent protests. The opposition made large gains in the election but say they were cheated out of victory.

The violence and the allegations of election fraud damaged Mr. Meles' image as one of a new generation of progressive African leaders, and as a favorite of Western donors.

Friday, August 17, 2007

OLF Press Releas On Asmara group's Law Suite against it

To clarify the unsuccessful legal proceeding against the OLF

We can now reveal that the splinter Asmara Group (also known as Shanee) had filed a lawsuit against active members and officials of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in the District Court of Minneapolis, State of Minnesota, USA, on 19th July 2007.

The plaintiffs alleged that the defendants, Oromo nationalists, were members of the OLF in the past but are now “passing themselves off as the OLF.” In so doing, The Asmara Group alleged in their lawsuit, the OLF interfered with their “prospective economic advantage” by threatening to cause them “to suffer damages in the form of lost goodwill, loss of members, loss of potential members and loss of donations.”

Furthermore, the Asmara Group demanded a recompense claim for a total sum of “$50,000”. Thus, the case was not about political objective but group's economic interest. It is unfortunate that the plaintiffs are claiming that "OLF has expended substantial resources developing its goodwill, reputation, and donor base". We in the OLF, on the other hand, believe that what ever goodwill or reputation the OLF have is due to the ultimate sacrifices made by thousands
of Oromo heroes and heroines not economic investment made by the Asmara Group.

We can also reveal that after two days of court appearances, the judge has thrown out the case by dismissing the case “without prejudice” before the originally planned hearing date of 16th August 2007.

We are forced to issue this press release because of the continuous misinformation that has been disseminated by the Asmara Group. This group has been busy spreading unfounded rumours about the aforementioned court case, including claiming that it was us (the OLF) that started the legal process in the first place, which is absolutely false.

We would like to assure friends and foes alike that we, the OLF, have absolutely nothing to do with the instigation of the legal process but once accused were forced to mount a defence as the law of the land requires.

It is to be remembered that the Asmara Group led by Mr Dawud Ibsa, under whose leadership the group departed from the original objective of the OLF, is now bidding for Ethiopian state power in a coalition with forces that are trying to deny the right of the Oromo people to self-determination, in particular the Amhara political party known as Coalition for Freedom and Democracy (CUD) (also known as Kinjit). These two groups have created a pro-Ethiopia
political party called Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD). Now buoyant with the support and advice it receives from the CUD, the Asmara Group has taken the OLF to the court.

As far as the OLF is concerned, it is NOT for foreign courts to determine who is OLF and who is not. This is a case that can be decided ONLY by the Oromo people. If it were up to the OLF, no funds raised in the name of the Oromo struggle would be squandered on frivolous court cases like this one.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank true Oromo nationalists and compatriots who continue to support our patriotic liberation front – the OLF, true to Oromummaa and the just cause of quest for liberation of Oromia.

The level of warmth and practical support that we have received from true sons and daughters of the Oromo nation has humbled us.

We salute the courage of our members who have shown dignity and remain steadfast and resolute under a very trying condition. We are not under any illusion that freedom is cheap.

Finally, we would like to call upon true Oromo nationalists who are still working with the Asmara Group to reconsider their stand by examining their consciences. We call upon you to do the dignified thing and say enough is enough to those who are hell-bent on destroying not only the OLF but also the very fabric of our society.

Oromia shall be free!

The OLF Executive Committee

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Bitter Truth is Advocating for Oppressed Oromo and Other Ethnic group.

Abdulkadir Gumi
August 15, 2007

" Speaking truth to power is no panglossian idealism, it is carefully weighing the alternatives picking the right one and then intelligently representing it where it can do most good and cause the right change. ''Edward Said'

Oromo, Ogaden , Sidama Afar, are people who were oppressed by tyranny.

The bitter truth about what happened especially to Oromos , Ogadens, Sidamas in Ethiopia throughout century cannot be denied, except by those so twisted, so filled with hatred, so bent on destruction. Dr Muhammad Shamsudin Megalomotis , who has advocated the truth in the Region has done many realities open to the world through his bright hand in writing many articles on the Oppressed people everywhere in the world not only in Ethiopia. Adding to a long list of absurdities,We should be happy with Article 39 of Ethiopian constitution.

Let people decide whether they want to unite or be independent. People should be given a chance to express their interest freely. After decades of suffering and killings of Oromos in Horn of Africa and Ogadens.People who were denied education and all sort of discrimnation are put on them,

Ethiopian Amhara Leaders are well educated and known not only in Ethiopia, but also worldwide.thus know how to oppress people when when deniying education for other ethnic group. The major tool used by them to ignore other Ethnic majorities inorder to kill the reality on the ground. because they think no one except them could speak democratically againsit them , it is because the people who were dictators and want to be dictators also on free medias.THE truth shall set you free, so journalists and others, are always reminded. Not every reader, listener or television viewer will accept it, though. For some the truth is unpalatable.
Dr Mohammad Shamsudin Megalomotis is a man who loves attention, owe scholarly integrity. This is a man filled with the truth and hold obvious facts.

I'll leave it to the historians like him to refute the suffering of Oromos and other ethnic group in Ethiopia in the hand of Recist AMHARA AND TIGREY and also Other Oppressed Ethnic group in all corners of the world.

The bitter truth is that the KINIJIT is a Haile Salasie and Mangistu masterminded coming in to Ethiopia to Amaranizing other ethnic groups and one language called Amharic by imposing on other nations. This is really an old system, which can’t solve the problems in Ethiopia. What will solve the problem of Ethiopia is Independence of OROMIA and OGADENIA TOO.

We can only wish that those who deny the truth that Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis on his articles and it may come to learn the evilness of their errors and suffer for their sins of denial. The good news, the good truth, is that they fight an impossible battle because you cannot deny with so many witnesses, so much proof, so much evidence that still lives on today.

Ah, what an age it is When to speak of truth and reality is almost a denied by the Dictotors AND THEIR children.

For it is a kind of silence about injustice!
Even anger against injustice
Makes the voice grow harsh.
Oromos and Other Ethnic group are in A ledge of fire"

That is what we are always walking on and that “ledge of fire” where there is hope of changing the future."There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desire."

Friday, August 03, 2007

Haqaan waan hin qabne Iyyaan hin argatan!!!

Abaraa Olumaatin

Yoo sabatti qoosan kaleessa akka laayyoo,
"Maal dhibdi" jechuudhaan yennaa ganan kaayyoo;
Imaanaa jallanii yennaa achi buusan,
Kaleessa yogguu sana yoom maqaa barbaadan?

Halagaan gorsamuun asiif achi utaaluun,
Tasa wanta hin taane kijibaan caraanuun;
Faallaa sabaa deemaa maqaa gaarii hawwuun,
Mulqiitii naaf kennii” halagaatti iyyachuun;
Abjuu kaleessaati; dhadhaa abidda buute!!!
Maqaa har’a hawwan isaantu of harkaa gate.

“Himata” dhaqanii waan hin taane abjoochuun,
Tasa bajuu baddee; maaf dhama’uu jarreen?

Dalagaatu muldhisa maqaa fi eenyummaa abbaa,
Nuti kan nyi beeknu seerri keenya saba;
„Mana seeraa“ isaanii eenyutu quba qaba?
Jarreen maaf maraatuu? Maaf dalagu daba?

Aadaa fi seenaan ala Safuuf saalfii gatan;
Lammii tuffatanii halagaa abdatan.
Dhugaa haguuganii kijibaan booqqatan;
Amantee gatanii gantummaa filatan.

Maqaa abbaa gatanii "AFD" jedhan;
Mee maal barbaacha egaa har’a kan dhama’an?
Oromiyaaf falmuu irra "Toopiyuummaa" filatan;
“Addunyaan luucofte” jechuun qabsoo dabsan;
“Diimokaraasii” jechuun bilsummaa dhiisan;
Maqaa isa kamiree kan jarreen barbaadan?

Kaleessa gananoo har’a eessa hafidan?
Doolaara kuma shantam ofumaa kan gatan.
Sabini isaan tufeeraa kana haa beekkatan;
Murtee jiru kanaa adaba haa godhatan.

Kaleessa utuu hin dhihin; namni utuu hin dhaga’in,
Xurii fi qullaan isaanii utuu bakkee hin ba’in;
Jaarsaaf hayyuun meeqa yoo isaanitti himu,
Gurra duuchatanii yennaa dhaban sammuu;
Jalee diinaaf ta’uuf tumsa waliin tuman,
Maqaa yennas gatanii har’a eessaa haafidan?

Eessa geessi jechuun lammii tuffatanii,
Maqaa ofii gatanii dantaa jaaldhatani;
“Qinjit, Arbaynooch” jechuun tarreessanii,
Tokkuumma Ethiopiyaaf tarree tataa’anii;
“AFD” jechuun of moggaasatanii,
Kabaja Oromummaa of irra mulqani.
Saphina isa gadhee yennaas unatanii,
Har’a maqaaf iyyuu kaleessa of gatanii?

Egaa maal hawwuree Shaneen Toophiyootaa?
Qinjit, Arbanyooch kan ta’aniif “tooftaa”
Ilmaan habashootaa kan godhatan gooftaa,
Mana seeraa hin jirre kan dhaqan himata.

Duruu qaanii beekuu? duroo gumaa nyaatan;
Ilmaan gabroomfattuu maddii kan dhungatan.
Halaaba Habashaa jala yennaa boqotan;
Safuu wallaalanii dantaadhaaf of gatan.
Lammii ofii gananii diinaan fira jedhan;
Nu hin ajaa’ibsiisu guyyaan yoo abjootan.

Dur gumaa nyaattanii maqaa abbaa gatnoo;
Eenyu isaaniif naha yoo dhaqan iyyanoo?
Dirmata hin qabani tasa dhaggeeffanoo!!!
Yaa raajii gantootaa hooda kan keessanoo!

Maqaa bilsumman dalaguudhaa daba,
Bitamtanii diinaaf gowwoomsuudhaaf saba;
Of hin gowwoomsinaa sabni ija qabaa!
Shirri isin xaxxan burkutaayee cabaa!!!

Kan sin dura turan gantoonni kaleessaas,
Warrii abbaa garaa Tigroota keessaas;
Kan Amaaratti galtan isin warri hardhaas,
Oromoon isin beekaa hin fiiginaa hangas.

Maqaan isin qabdan kan isiniif malu,
AFD irratti yoo feetan dabaluu;
GANTUU isiniin jenna!!! kan isiif tolu;
Egaa maal barbaaddu maqaa kan caaluu?

Dhugaatu isin tufe; Sabatu isin jibbe;
Waan gumaa nyaattaniif cubbuun isin gube.
Ekeraatu iyyee boqota isin dhowwa,
Imaanaa nyaattanii sichuu buutu bowwaa.
Maqaa abbaa gattanii; iyyaa ammallee booyaa!
Dhugaa irraa maqxanii gubadhaa bobayaa!

Qabsoon ummatichaa jallan hedduu qabaa,
Kanneen isa tiksan ta’aniif utubaa;
Kan kaayyoo isaa tiksan gallii isaa xumuraa,
Maqaa isaantu qabaa gantoota achi goraa.

Dadhabdanii jirtuu dhaqaatii boqodhaa!

Ilmaan habashootaa maddii dhudhungadhaa.
Warra Habashaa waliin dhaqaa ta’aa tarree,
Qaamatti xaxadhaa halaabaa minilik coraatu isin qorree.

Kan Oromiyaaf falmu Addi bilisummaa,
Kaayyoo kan godhate galii walabummaa;
Karaa irraa hin maqu dhaabbiisaa kanuma,
Maqaa fi injifannoon kan isaati gonkumaa!!!
Maqaa fi injifannoon kan isaati gonkumaa!!!