Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baratoota Oromoo Yuuniiversiitii Finfinnee irraa hari'aman; Gabaasa Qeerroo Finifnnee Gurraandhala 28,2013

Gaaffii mirga sabaa karaa nagaa gaafachuun yakka taee biyya jiru Itiyoophiyaa keessatti barattooti Oromoo kumaatamaan hidhamanii kumaatamaan biyyaa ariamanii kumaatamaan ammo manneen barnootaa fi hojii irraa arihamaa jiraachuun isaanii baroota 21 kana keessa beekamaa dha.
Bara kana keessa gaaffii mirga sabaa gaafattan ijaarsa siyaasaa mirga Oromoo gaafatu isin boodaan jira sababa jedhuun barattoota Oromoo Yuuniversitii Kiiloo 4 jiru keessaa barattooti 10 waggaa lamaaf 23 ammoo wagga 1f arihamuun 3 ammoo guutummaatti akka Yuuniversitii itti deebiuu hin daneenyetti mootummaa Wayyaaneen arihamanii jiru.
Kanneen guutuutti barnoota isaanii irraa arihaman
1. Barataa Araarsoo Waaktolaa
2. Barataa Malkamu Mulugeta
3. Barataa Baqalu Siyum
Kanneen jedhaman yeroo tau kanneen kaan 33 taan ammo guutummaa list isaanii caasaa Qeerroon qabuun kan argame kanatti maxxansinee jirra.
Oromoon haqa ummata isaa fi rakkoo barattooti Oromoo argaa jiran kanaaf tokkummaan bakka maratti iyyachuu akka dandayutti qeerroon dhaamsa dabarsa

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Document that greatly illuminates the recent crimes perpetrated by the world's most cruel state, the NEO-NAZI regime of Abyssinia

   A top Liyu Police Officer That defected from Ogaden Region

Human Rights in preach by Liyu Police (Ethiopian Janjaweed)

In Ogaden Genocide is being committed by Liyu Police,a paramilitary police trained and funded by Ethiopian government. The worst atrocities took place  the first three years of Liyu Police campaign (2005-2008).About 10,000 civilians are massacred by the Liyu Police. These civilians are massacred by accusations of being ONLF sympathizers.
Most of these people are massacred in Fiq, werder, Degeh-bur, Jigjiga, Korahey Provinces and their districts. And Remote villages that is far from the sight of the town peoples.
Reasons behind these massacres
Ethiopian Government decided to wage a crackdown against any one that may assist in the Rebels for food, water and resources especially the young men and the young women and to terrorize the teenagers that can join the fighters of ONLF.
Founding the Liyu Police ( Ethiopian Janjaweed)
1n 2005, Ethiopia trained a new fighting force to put pressure the Ogaden resistances. The idea belongs to Regional President of Ogaden, Abdi Mohamoud Omar at that time Chief of Security and Justice and and Da’ud Ah-maar that time the Regional President of Ogaden. Abdi Iley proposed a motion (Liyu Police Force) to the Regional Parliament to be passed those rejected what sent to jail. Then Abdi Iley presented this idea to the Ethiopian dictator, Meles Zenawi that hailed the idea. At that time Ethiopian Prime Minister, Zenawi declared a war both politically and militarily on Ogaden after the ONLF raid of Obale gas-field exploration.

 The First 7-Regiments of Liyu Police (Ethiopian Jan-jaweed)

After six months of training the Regional President held a secret meeting-locally known as the meeting of Garowe-with the Liyu Police (Ethiopian Janjaweed) in a hall and told that they were trained to fight against ONLF and its affiliates.

Most of these fighters aged between 18 and 20 but commander were between25 and 30 year-olds.

These teenagers were street children and uneducated and have no idea the rights of the citizens and the rights of human being.

The Regional President told the Liyu Police in the meeting of Garowe, to guide the women for their ..... and the men for the bullets of the gun and hanging.
First Operation conducts by the 7-Regiments of Liyu Police.
They started the districts of Hamaro, Sagag, and Dhuhun of Fiq Provinces. Massacring large number of civilians that accused of being ONLF sympathizers these people are mostly killed by hanging from trees and girls are gang-raped and then murdered.
The Extra-judicial killings committed by these 7 regiments
These 7- Regiments mistakenly and inhumanely murdered the youth in Dhuhun, the young men and the young women in Hamaro, the young men that slaughtered in Degeh-bur and teens that summary executed Denan and Dakhato.
As a former top Liyu police officer that defected I was first eye-witness for unaccountable massacres when the Liyu Police increased in number.
I am sure that these massacres are responsible by Ethiopian government and carried out by her Militia of Liyu Police (Ethiopian Janjaweed).In 2007,The Village of Gudhis at least 125 villagers massacred by Liyu Police and then burned the entire village to the groun. At that time the towm-of Galalshe was burned to the ground and killed her residents.
When the number of Liyu Police increased
The new Liyu Police was joined by old Liyu Police to gain experiences from the first 7-regiments. Within these 7-Regiments I was in the regiment of number nine that stationed in the Duhun district and I was operating the vicinity of Duhun(Dhuxun) and all the villages surrounded by and the mountains of Karri-jikod(Qarri-jiqood)
One day, the village of Ayun (Cayuun) 4 children aged 7, 9,11,and 13 were driven and brought to me to investigate. I told my commanded that they were too young to carry political issues. Unfortunately the kids were hanged by commander Nus-dariiq.
Extraordinary killings
In 2008, the district of Hamaro, A disabled young woman was accused of being an ONLF cashier. She needed hospitality but unfortunately she was hanged from a tree and this barbaric act was carried out the regiment of 12 especially sub-unit of 2 ordered by Commander-in chief of regiment 12 stationed in Garbo town, Abdi Kafi, this auction hailed the Regional President Abdi Mohamoud Omar (Abdi Iley) and reiterated heroic action and that commander fulfilled a good job.
Kill them all to make the number more
Merciless killings happens to the nomad people of for instance, when a Liyu police is on operational duty they take every single person that encounters them  in order to make sure that their information is not received by the ONLF rebels.
when ONLF and Liyu police clash each other and be casualties both sides the civilians are killed to make the number of ONLF more and take picture to appease the Ethiopian Army-Chief in Harare and reward more money for their good job that they done.
For instance, the operation of Dakhato in June 2010, a joint operation conducted by three regiments 9, 7 and 15 commanded by Telukow.43 nomads were killed by increased the figure of ONLF casualties.
Just before this operation in March 1012, Regiments of 9, 4 and 12 commanded by Shi’alaqe Dhagawayne summary executed 148 civilians.
Barbaric actions of Liyu Police (Ethiopian Janjaweed)
As for Liyu Police every beautiful girl is for them whether she is married or not. As the case of Yusuf Haabsade If any girl rejected them she is blamed to be an ONLF sympathizer and either be killed both her husband and her or detained.
Tortures being committed against the Nomads
Since the Liyu Police are uneducated and street children they beat to death any person that encounters to get information about ONLF. Many people lost their lives in this way.
Forcible Recruiting of Liyu Police Militia
It is called every tribal chieftain and ordered to bring at least 80 fighters for every single tribe. If any of these recruited fighter escaped from the Militia they seek and capture then forced to kill one of his relatives or kinship that accused of being ONLF Sympathizer when the person became murderer he has nowhere.
Looting the property of the ONLF family members
Families that related to supporters of ONLF are confiscated their livestock and slaughters for food by the Liyu Police. They also take the wives of ONLF members with them for a reason if they don’t lie down their army and give up their wives will be killed.
The doomed Remote villagers
After Sunset Liyu Police forces held a guard the entrance of a village for waiting ONLF fighters that come for food. When ONLF fighters that come for food and Liyu Police that has been at the gate entrance of the village exchange the fire. The entire villagers lost both their lives and their livestock in this way. Lots of Villagers humiliated in this way.
Worrisome events that brought by these annihilation
Many young men and young women fled this Ethiopian army brutality many fled to neighboring countries and handed over Ethiopia and ended up in jails and many more sought refuge to Kenya Refugee Camps many others crossed the sea while many others capsized their boats and drowned in the seas.
The Names of War Criminals and the actors of the Ogaden Region

1.Cabdi Maxamed Cumar (Cabdi Ilay
2. Cabdilaahi Yuusuf weerar (Cabdilaahi Itoobiya)
3.Cabdi-raxmaan labo go’l
4.Cabdi Aaden waris
5.Xuseen Sheekh Nuuriye

A million dollar question is why International Community turned blind eye and deaf ear? When these war criminals will bring in front of ICC?