Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Response to Mr. Obang Metho's artcle of August 3, 2010

Dear Mr. Obang Metho:

I am writing this letter in reaction to your article written on August 3, 2010, in which you addressed all Oromians, asking them to oppose the publication of Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis.

Before I comment on your article, I feel that you have received inadequate information or should be given some highlights on how Oromians, Ogadenians and other southern people view the so-called Ethiopia since you seemingly are unaware of the fact that regrettably Ethiopia is a brutal empire - you almost sound like a foreigner in your article. You can easily tell how bad I feel to use the word "Ethiopia" in this letter; this is how all Oromians, the Oromians that you are calling upon to denounce Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, feel. We feel this way because our human rights are being violated by the various sitting governments of Addis Ababa which come and go. They [Abyssinians]have committed and continue to commit war crimes against humanity in Oromia. Oromians do not hate anybody - not even Amharas and Tigrans, who have invaded our nation and ruled interchangeably and kept us under their brutal administration by force. In fact, Oromians are very well known for their role in bringing peace within themselves, as well as amongst their neighbors ; they extend their helping hands to their neighbors; they receive guests of all types with warm hearts, they accommodate and treat them with dignity. Also, they solve issues and problems through peaceful means; they are God- fearing people. Violence, rape, hate, killings of defenseless, innocent people and warring are typical behavior of Abyssinians, including TPLF. Violence, rape, hate, killings of defenseless innocent Oromo people and wars were brought to us by Abyssinian invaders 150 or so years ago. And these atrocities continue to happen to Oromians right now as you peruse this letter. Oromians are living in fear, being terrorized by the current sitting brutal government.

Oromian nationals, Ogadenians and many other southern peoples, including people of Anyuak are held against their will at gunpoint under forced unity. Defenseless Oromians were and still are unfairly treated as second class citizens. As I mentioned above, Oromia is the nation which fell under the Ethiopian empire 150 or so years ago; the illegal occupiers were and continue to erode our identity, change our culture, destroy our original African traditional religion by importing and imposing religious beliefs of their own, altering our way of life, taking our fertile farmland, looting our natural resources, and worst of all, displacing Oromians, making them refugees on their own fatherland, while arbitrarily arresting, torturing, raping and even killing those who resist occupying forces throughout the century and beyond. These are but a few of the numerous reasons why we feel the way we do. These have been our experiences with the country you call Ethiopia.

I seriously doubt that you need to be reminded of the 1991 phenomenon; the Eritrean Liberation Front, the Tigre Liberation Front and varieties of Oromo fighting forces and Liberation Fronts were able to overthrow the communist dictator Mengistu H/Miriam in a coordinated attack during which time the Eritreans declared their independence. Our incompetent leaders, who were and continue to be infiltrated by Abyssinians of "Emiyye Ethiopia" from top to the bottom of organizational hierarchy of OLF could not and did not want to grab the arm length of our statehood, which was made possible through our century and half old struggle against occupiers. Our hard-earned victory has faded away since our leaders who were and still are infiltrated by Abyssinians from the very beginning, fail to take control of the fertile situation, and declare our independence from the brutal administration of the Ethiopian empire, and fail to bring the lasting peace and stability to our people and people of the south. As a result, the Oromians' national priority - the establishment of an independent democratic Republic of Oromia - remains unanswered. (Here is the point where the Abyssinians and their associates will have diarrhea of unknown origin, untreatable palpitations, profuse perspirations and dehydrations.) The liberated Oromia is not going to be a threat to anyone, including non-Oromians, who reside in the State of Oromia or those of the region as whole, and liberated Oromia is not going to become an extremist Islamic state, which harbors terrorists as Abyssinians [TPLF included] and some of their associates who try to sell unfounded causes to Western powers in order to control Oromians, and at the same time milk our natural resources, including the illegal sale of our lands and our nation.

After the 1991 phenomenon, the Oromians now find themselves under another new and vicious cycle of Abyssinian brutal socialist dictator, Malasa Zenawi of TPLF junta from Tigray minority. Their [Oromians] incompetent leaders fled the country, which was the main reason for the OLF splits today. They [TPLF] took advantage of failed leadership of OLF, and filled the vacuum created and began murdering Oromians and many southerners [people of Anuak included], who resisted illegal occupation of their fatherland.

You, Mr. Metho, also failed to acknowledge the root of the problem when you aligned yourself wrongly with the Abyssinian interest groups and few Oromians who lost their identities voluntarily due to unknown reasons. Talking of few Oromians who lost their identities voluntarily reminds me of recent OSA (supposedly stands for Oromo Study Association) conference which betrays and totally opposes the Oromians National Priority - the liberation of Independent Democratic Republic of Oromia. Oromians do not buy such criminal idea of selling Oromians and their nation to different cults of Abyssinians and vice versa. They[Oromians] reject and condemn this insanity in the strongest way imaginable.

Having said that, I now comment on your inflammatory article in which you called upon all Oromians to oppose Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis's ideas… and you wrote:

Reading the many hate-filled and inflammatory articles by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, where he ''sympathetically'' aligns with one group as he viciously attacks others, has left us with no choice but to alert and warn the public and supporting websites. We ask all torefuse to promote these kinds of vicious personal attacks on individuals, ethnicities and religious groups that may incite ethnic and religious based violence in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. We are now taking action in reporting this to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and looking for other international bodies who may take action against promulgators of this kind of incendiary hate speech.

It is a facetious statement. Mr.Obang Metho, you should apologize to Oromians in general and to Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin in particular for your inflammatory statement.

The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) which you claim to represent, as its name implies, sounds as though it is working to replace the fake Ethiopian current government, at least on the paper. Many Abyssinians organizations and their associates, including the TPLF junta failed to realize that Oromians national priority is far beyond collecting Abyssinian interest groups and/or individuals and hoping that Oromians' birthright and the question of secession from the forced unity will evaporate. Many Abyssinians' forefathers have used this tactical slavery technique in the past and presently try to pretend that the Oromians' needs have been properly addressed. It is foolishness to think that the sleeping giant will continue to sleep while everyone walks on its back to get to the Oromians' killing chambers in Finfinne.

I assure you that Oromians do not have any fear that you are going to replace the current and illegal occupation of their fatherland overnight with your own version of “a New Ethiopia” - the extension of the same colonizing empire, which butchers Oromians, Ogadenians people of Anyuak and many other southern people.
What is the distance between your region, where people of Anyuak live and the original homeland of Abyssinians? Are you geographically closer to the illegal occupiers’ original homeland than to us the State of Oromia? If you claim that you are a true son of the Anyuak people - I hope you are - then, think again!
The sad thing is that you choose to ignore your true identity, or you are trying to hide your true identity under the armpit of so-called Ethiopia. We all know that there are some smaller tribes within the State of Oromian, which perhaps cannot be independent countries on their own due to economic ties they have with the State of Oromia. This issue should not hinder your intellect and cause you to feel inferior, and be a reason for wishing the continuation of the brutal empire. The liberated Oromia can offer the utmost regional autonomy for all non-Oromians, in addition to all rights and privileges, including running for the highest office if they choose to stay with Oromoo nation. Any tribe, regardless of its size can leave the Oromoo nation, if it chooses to do so.

You also mentioned in your statement below about putting all of the Oromians in the torture chamber directly if we have the same view as Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin, please read below:

''We are taking action in r eporting this to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and looking for other international bodies who may take action against promulgators of this kind of incendiary hate speech.''
I still remember that the good people of the Anuak are being murdered indiscriminately. What happened to your ability to bring such criminals as Malasa Zenawi and his killing forces to justice? Are you hallucinating or just seeking attention?

Oromians do not need any intervention in any form from you - the matters require internal attention from experts. About Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin, Oromians want you to know that he is our hero. Following liberation, if he chooses to seek the presidency, I promise to be the first amongst many to vote for him.

Bullo Obse

(202) 651 1981