Thursday, June 02, 2011

Statement to Condemn the Irresponsible Misrepresentation of the OLF


Date: 30 May 2011 No. 055/OLF/11

Statement to Condemn the Irresponsible Misrepresentation of the OLF

Over recent weeks, the two wings of the Asmara Group have released “OLF Manifesto – A Secret Manual of OLF Leadership” and series of other documents in the name of the OLF. In these documents they reiterate that they no more believe in the liberation of the Oromo people from the century old brutal and dehumanizing Ethiopian colonialism.

In “OLF Manifesto – A Secret Manual of OLF Leadership” they declare the political objective of struggling for power sharing within the Ethiopian political system, which directly contradicts the values and mission of the OLF and the aspiration of the Oromo people. The objective of the OLF is the restoration of freedom which the Oromo people are denied in Ethiopia and not power sharing with its ruling elite. The officials of the Asmara Group shamelessly speak Amharic and waive at us the Ethiopian flag and grovel to their Abyssinian supporters, all in the name of the OLF.
Their Manifesto is not new to us. This ideological shift from the fundamental object of the OLF by the Asmara Group was the cause that parted us company with them a decade ago. Now, they have come out with it, having kept it under the closet hidden from the Oromo public for a very long time.

Our message to those true Oromo nationalists still working with these two wings is that as Oromos you have no excuse to continue to inadvertently contribute to the crime that is being committed against your people. We extend our patriotic call to you to do the honorable thing and take a stand against the deceivers and come over and join us. As most of you might know we have challenged the leaders of both wings of the Asmara Group to return to the original objective of the OLF, so that we can reenergize our organization around its original objective of liberation of Oromia, but they have chosen to cross over the line and join anti-Oromo political groups instead.

Some of the so called leaders of the two wings of the Asmara Group have no noticeable track record in the long history of the Oromo struggle. In fact, some of these people have been working for the tyrannical and dictatorial Ethiopian regimes, the Derg as well as the Wayyane regime, and are suspected to have committed crime against the Oromo people. Their crimes have not been fully investigated and resolved. Their misrepresentation of the OLF and the Oromo struggle for freedom is causing immense damage to the Oromo people’s just cause. These characters instead of showing remorse and regrets for the crimes they had committed against the Oromo people when they were at the service of the Ethiopian regimes they are trying once again to destroy its organisation, the OLF and its objective.

Having repeatedly demonstrated their clear departure from the path of the liberation struggle, the so called leaders of the two wings of the Asmara Group and their associates have no moral or legitimate authority to represent the OLF in any capacity. In fact, we advise them to form a separate political party that suits their desire.

We urge the Oromo people to stand vigilant and safeguard the struggle at this critical juncture in our history. The Oromo people must not fall for the deception of some dishonest groups labeling themselves OLF. It is advisable to make sure the authenticity of documents and groups before being misled into a trap that is being laid down by confidence men attempting to discredit the OLF.

Our mission remains to continue with the struggle to bring about the realization of Oromo national self-determination and formation of independent republic of Oromia.

Oromia shall be free!

OLF National Executive Committee