Monday, August 27, 2007

Ethiopian: To Celebrate "Millenium," Years of sorrow, years of shame Oppression against Oromo people

Abdulkadir Gumi

We are pained and indignant that Oromia the land of a great Oromo civilization of Gadaa system records as the place where the human right violation is practiced against the powerless and vulnerable people in Oromia . Tragically the power countries have ignored the cries of distress from Oromo people in Oromia and the oppression against them.

It was since 100 years ago that Oromo People were colonized by Abyssinian atrocities.

The genocide and persecution unleashed against Oromo people and other ethnic group which was racially motivated, inhuman policy has had remarkable in the mind of all Oromo's, by doing that Ethiopia became the world’s latest sovereignty to attempt genocide as a way to solve its problems with a troublesome minority. Mercilessly conducted by ‘Ethiopian’ Dictators helps only the further radicalization of the peaceful and tolerant Oromia nation that for many long decades has been inhumanly oppressed within tyrannical Abyssinia. Oromos were never asked about their – most hateful and most inhuman – inclusion in the most repugnant African tyranny. The government of Ethiopia has directly and indirectly fostered conflict and bloodshed between Oromo, Amhara, Isaa, Degodia, Gedeo, Gabre and Sidama peoples. Ethiopian security forces have killed Oromo citizens residents of Ethiopia and Kenya .

However long the night, the dawn will break". ---Oromo Proverb

Details emerging from Oromo refugees everywhere in the world are disturbing, the stories we have are horrible and shocking to human conscience. The government of Ethiopian is intensifying its repressive action on Oromo of Ethiopia and in refugees, who have sought to exercise there cultural right.

Many Oromo nationalist , artist , Teachers , social workers from different association were gunned down or persecuted by TPLF thugs (government of Ethiopia) in all of Horn of Africa and even in refugee camps in the past years they become refugees and asylum seekers leaving the fruitful and wealthy country of Oromia . They were threatening their authority because they were Oromos and very popular in their home country , they only need democracy and Oromo rights to be implemented and article 39 of Ethiopian constitutation , those charismatic Oromo nationalist , teachers artists , social workers and student. Until now, no power asked Ethiopia over the genocide and crimes committed by Tigre and Amhara successive regime on Oromo people since long time. Many kind of evidence produced, those people were killed except that they were a proud Oromos. The irony of it all, they were killed and imprisoned in the heart of their home Oromia without any crime by an Alien invaders Tigre and Amhara people and there previous government . Yet, many people were killed just because they were suspected known to have never been involved or have any kind of connection with politics. there blood are not in vain.

Many more thousand if not millions of bright Oromians lost their life in the hand of TPLF government of Ethiopia. While as many languish throughout Ethiopian Empire jail. One day without a doubt, TPLF leaders have to answer for all the crimes they have been committing against the Oromo people. They will pay for it dearly.

"The world
Perhaps Prime Minister Males Zenawi knows very much that one day he will answer. knowing that Oromo's are AWAKING and They will fight for justice that they were killed for until the day million Oromo's will die in search of just peace.

What celebration and millennium is that of Ethiopia historically, I hope no Oromo's in Diaspora will put there feet or face Ethiopia to celebrate such bogus celebration. In doing that I think you have contributed in the Genocide against Oromo's throughout the decade of Oromo's.


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