Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Bitter Truth is Advocating for Oppressed Oromo and Other Ethnic group.

Abdulkadir Gumi
August 15, 2007

" Speaking truth to power is no panglossian idealism, it is carefully weighing the alternatives picking the right one and then intelligently representing it where it can do most good and cause the right change. ''Edward Said'

Oromo, Ogaden , Sidama Afar, are people who were oppressed by tyranny.

The bitter truth about what happened especially to Oromos , Ogadens, Sidamas in Ethiopia throughout century cannot be denied, except by those so twisted, so filled with hatred, so bent on destruction. Dr Muhammad Shamsudin Megalomotis , who has advocated the truth in the Region has done many realities open to the world through his bright hand in writing many articles on the Oppressed people everywhere in the world not only in Ethiopia. Adding to a long list of absurdities,We should be happy with Article 39 of Ethiopian constitution.

Let people decide whether they want to unite or be independent. People should be given a chance to express their interest freely. After decades of suffering and killings of Oromos in Horn of Africa and Ogadens.People who were denied education and all sort of discrimnation are put on them,

Ethiopian Amhara Leaders are well educated and known not only in Ethiopia, but also worldwide.thus know how to oppress people when when deniying education for other ethnic group. The major tool used by them to ignore other Ethnic majorities inorder to kill the reality on the ground. because they think no one except them could speak democratically againsit them , it is because the people who were dictators and want to be dictators also on free medias.THE truth shall set you free, so journalists and others, are always reminded. Not every reader, listener or television viewer will accept it, though. For some the truth is unpalatable.
Dr Mohammad Shamsudin Megalomotis is a man who loves attention, owe scholarly integrity. This is a man filled with the truth and hold obvious facts.

I'll leave it to the historians like him to refute the suffering of Oromos and other ethnic group in Ethiopia in the hand of Recist AMHARA AND TIGREY and also Other Oppressed Ethnic group in all corners of the world.

The bitter truth is that the KINIJIT is a Haile Salasie and Mangistu masterminded coming in to Ethiopia to Amaranizing other ethnic groups and one language called Amharic by imposing on other nations. This is really an old system, which can’t solve the problems in Ethiopia. What will solve the problem of Ethiopia is Independence of OROMIA and OGADENIA TOO.

We can only wish that those who deny the truth that Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis on his articles and it may come to learn the evilness of their errors and suffer for their sins of denial. The good news, the good truth, is that they fight an impossible battle because you cannot deny with so many witnesses, so much proof, so much evidence that still lives on today.

Ah, what an age it is When to speak of truth and reality is almost a denied by the Dictotors AND THEIR children.

For it is a kind of silence about injustice!
Even anger against injustice
Makes the voice grow harsh.
Oromos and Other Ethnic group are in A ledge of fire"

That is what we are always walking on and that “ledge of fire” where there is hope of changing the future."There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desire."


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