Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ethiopian Airplanes strike Tigrey Militias deployed in Ogaden

By Oluma.a 07 05 1969
Source:Ogaden Online

May 15, 2006 Latest reports reaching Ogaden Online service desk especially those from Dhagax Bur and Qorahey zones indicate that after having been soundly defeated in the latest military encounters with ONLF troops, Ethiopian military started the use of air strikes. It was reported that the use of the air force to strike ONLF troops is part of the tactics employed by the newly arrived militias since they have failed to wage an effective ground warfare against ONLF troops whose knowledge of the terrain and sound morale appears to have given them the upper in most of the military encounters with Tigrey militias in Ogaden.A recent incident indicative of the extent of disorientation within the newly deployed Tigrey militias, the air force using an outdated reconnaissance data attacked Tigrey militias who were occupying areas tactically vacated by victorious ONLF troops. As a result of these air strikes the militias started to flee in different directions. It was reported that an entire regiment of about 200 militias who fled the air strikes into the areas between Dhagax Bur and Qorahey regions encountered ONLF troops. In this engagement eye witnesses told Ogaden Online reporters that ONLF troops attacked these fleeing militias and as a result were able to get hold of most of the militia’s military equipment. Only about a dozen militias are reported to have arrived alive in the city of Dhagax Bur.In a related report, ONLF troops and Tigrey militias have had major firefights in the province of Nogob. So far Ogaden Online reporters on the ground are not able to report the details about these firefights but we do promise to include them in future reports.As is the norm for the militia masquerading as military personnel, anytime they, militias, encounter major losses in battles with ONLF troops, they carry out revenge killings against the Ogaden civilians. Such revenge killings recently took place in many parts of the province of Nogob. About thirty innocent civilians have so far been reported killed.
Oluma.a 07 05 1969
Source:Ogaden OnlineNews


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