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The causes of conflict and confusion in Ethiopia

The minority based Ethiopian regime lead by TPLF governs by means of state terrorism. It immersed the nation and itself in crisis because it is bent on ruling the country by brute force because it has lost of the people and against country’s constitution which it helped written. Especially after the May 2005 election it has put the country in the worst crises.

In 1991 the Ethiopian regime brutal military government lead by Colonel Mengistu H/lemariam was toppled with the struggle of different armed forces from different parts of the country and with contributions of the people struggles. The downfall of the brutal dictatorial regime raised the hope of the entire population that it will lead to democratization under which the rights to self -determination of its different nations and nationalities will be realized. This hope was takes especial significance for the majority Oromo people which have been oppressed for over a century under successive Ethiopian regimes.

The major parties that significantly contributed to the down fall of the military junta TPLF and OLF brought together by diplomats to avoid conflict between them and to work together to form a multiparty participatory transitional government. Accordingly they signed an agreement to end the war which continued for a century causing the death of hundreds of thousands people and being the cause of successive famines which still prevail in the empire.

They promised to restore peace and stability as well all inclusive democratic. They formulated a new constitution together in a democratic manner for the first time in the history of the country. It was very important and decisive time. It was the time people were waiting for the fruitful end with great hopes.

But it did not last long. TPLF started violating the constitution and the agreements it signed. It took the path of violence even before the transition period is completed. It started killing and kidnapping civilians and cadres of opposition parties participating peacefully in the transitional government according to the constitution of the country. Especially targeted were the supporters and members of the OLF that represent the Oromos – the single largest people in the empire
To resolve the problems and to avoid military conflicts between OLF army and TPLF through diplomats in a peaceful way, ones again they came together round table and reach on another agreement. The agreement made was both parties to reduce the number of their army and to let them in known military camps.

Based on this agreement OLF made the decision practical immediately. That is because of it has the wish and respect for real peace and stability to the people in the empire. It disarmed about 10,000 of its army and let them go back to their communities. About 20,000 of them were disarmed and kept in known different military camps.

But it seems that TPLF used the negotiations and agreements made with OLF and other independent parties at that time only to buy a time. It used the time strengthen its military power and reorganized its forces to attack independence opposition forces. The negotiations made were also systematic disarming method that deliberately intended by the Tigreans in the name of bringing peace and stability.
So TPLF rejected the agreement made and changed the situation in to worst violence. Instead of keeping its words so as it promised, TPLF exploited the situation. It used the event as an advantage and surrounded the barehanded OLF army in the camps. It opened fire on unarmed people in camps killing and maiming them. It waged war on OLF and banned it from the transition government. The hope for free and democratic transition was changed to war and disaster. The transition period was over with out any meaning full effort in the way of restoring peace. The future of the empire is also left in hands of the tyranny Tigrean leaders and darkened, dashed.

TPFL searched home to home and arrested tens of thousands Oromo civilian supporters of OLF from all over Oromia and jailed in remote military camps. In shameless manner announced as it under controlled around 20,000 OLF army. Also announced as it eliminated OLF. It showed its brutal act and the kind of democratic system it follows openly to the world. But the world community didn’t took an action timely against such undemocratic move of the regime. Instead knowingly or unknowingly democratic countries like USA and UK stood up behind this tyrannical regime. Started supporting it financially and materially. The regime used the money and the materials it got forms these countries to build up its military power to oppress the people in the empire and to violate the sovereignty of neighbouring countries. It bought latest war machine guns, fighting Jets and explosive devices like those it used during the regime war with Eritrea.

The regime continued to follow the systematic oppressive ways. Even though the county administrative structure is based on regional administrations system, the regional administration representatives are indirectly represented by the central government systematically. So it is not be real regional administration. It fabricated bogus parties to use them for shows and to spay the people through these parties. Like OPDO fabricated and represented by the Tigreans to the Oromo people to eliminate the independent real organisations and to spy the people using them. Those fabricated parties members are gatherings of individuals sold them self only for their own personal advantage. Most of them are not from the people they are represented. This kinds of trick systematic oppressing way make the people more anger and makes the people to hate the Tigreans minority based leading regime.

The regime makes every five years an election campaigns. But it is only formula for show. It is such an election drama that only TPLF compute with its fabricated pupate organisations in the absence of real independent organisations. It is cover and lie. It is only show to say there is multi party administrative system in the empire and to say there is democracy in the empire. It is to deceive the world community as it could get more assistance from the developed donor countries as it could sustain itself in pour. But in year 2005 so called an election it missed the formula of an election it intended. It selected those parties it underestimated and invited to take part in the election of the year. It calculated only to use them for show and to warm up the ceremony of the drama. But things changed out of what it expected. The May 2005 regime show it presented exposed the atrocity of TPLF instead of covering its oppressive tyranny system. The parties it underestimated and invited to warm up its false election won certain amount of parliament seats to share pour with it. But TPLF was not ready to accept the election out come result. So it denied to accept the won of the oppositions and tried to cover the reality. It started killings and harassing in mass; especially those peoples opposed the misleading. In day light killed more than 80 civilians demonstrating in Finfinne/Addis Ababa against the May 2005 election misleading. Following the dispute arrested more than 10,000 civilians within weeks. Started hunting supporters and members of the opposition parties to crackdown the people oppositions. Also arrested around 100 of the top CDU leaders.

Following the election 2005 the up raising of the people all over the country seems beyond the capacity of the ruling party to under control. Especially in Oromia the people demonstrations against the ruling party is being the headache of the regime. The government took unnecessary and improper actions to stop those opposition; instead of finding peace full solution in proper way. The government continued extra judicial killings, harassment and in mass detentions of innocent civilians. The Oromo students up rising against the empire is continued in all over Oromia regions in well organized and in strong unbreakable way beyond the atrocity killings and harassment the government committed to frustrated them.

To hide the strong popular oppositions and to divert the attention of world community it creates dispute between the people and try to blame the other bodies. Accordingly it makes deliberate conflict between Gebra Oromo and Guji Oromos. The government exploited this kind of conflict to divide the people as not to unite against its rule. The regime also constantly violates the neighbours’ countries sovereignty and disrupt the life of their citizens. This time TPLF expanded its state terrorism and blaming opposition parties. Recently the regime violates the sovereignty of the Kenya and blamed it on OLF. In northern Kenya in the village of Dukna the Ethiopian military conducted an extensive military raid. Also six Kenyans abducted. The abducted Kenyans taken to a military camp in Ethiopia where they were tortured by the soldiers and have been released. All this is with aim of dividing the people in border regions and to divert attention from the human right violations and bad governance that has brought misery to its people.

So the world community should have to act against this minority based dictator regime to save the live of million innocents.

Oluma.a 07 05 1969


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Dear Oromoosswiss editor,

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I would appreciate if you post an article about who the Oromos are. - About Oromia, the land and the people.
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