Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims urge vigorous action against Ethiopia.

According to sudan Tribune April 28, 2006 (NAIROBI) — Kenyan Muslims urged the Kenyan government to protest vigorously against the incursion of the Ethiopian troops inside the Kenyan territory, and to write a protest letter to the United Nations.
The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) is demanding that the government writes a protest letter to the United Nations over Ethiopia’s alleged violation of Kenyan borders.
The secretary-general of SUPKEM, Adan Wachu, said the government should recall the Kenyan ambassador to Ethiopia until the border conflict between the two governments is solved.
In a statement to the Kenyan NTV Wachu said “We ask the government of Kenya to take a firm stand against the naked aggression of the Ethiopian government’’.
“The government response is always slow and hence help comes after people have been killed, villages have been burnt, livestock destroyed and innocent people kidnapped” he further said.
However, he added “we wish to commend our government for swift action this time round. The Kenya government moved so fast so that the situation was almost under control. But having said so the presence of Ethiopian mercenaries, the presence of Ethiopian soldiers, is still flowing into the country at an alarming rate”.
On Wednesday 26 April, about 60 Ethiopian soldiers crossed the border and invaded Odda village, about five kilometres from Moyale. They are said to have abducted two people.

source sudan Tribune
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