Monday, August 11, 2008

The Asmara Group schism should not divide the Oromo people. OLF


Guyyaa (Date): Hagaya 08, 2008

The Asmara Group schism should not divide the Oromo people

The Asmara Group, which is dishonestly continuing to call itself the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), has been split into two albeit to advance the programmes of the enemies of the Oromo struggle. Both factions of the Asmara Group openly pledge allegiance to Ethiopia rather than Oromia. Their allegiance to Ethiopia has been further symbolized by their repeated waving of the Ethiopian flag at meetings and public rallies in London, Washington DC and elsewhere. The OLF stands for independent Oromia not Ethiopia. Thus, we would like to reiterate once again that the factions of the Asmara Group cannot call themselves the OLF.

What is more, we are concerned that the two factions of the Asmara Group are engaged in shameless acts of wilfully and knowingly dividing the Oromo people along regional lines to garner support for their own sinister hidden motive. The hidden motive of these factions of the Asmara Group is to weaken the unity of the Oromo people in order to promote their anti-Oromo agenda in collaboration with Abyssinians.

We have been warning against the dangers that the aforementioned groups pose to the unity of the Oromo nation and the Oromo struggle for freedom for nearly a decade. Their illegal alteration of the OLF political programme and their unashamed collaboration with anti-Oromo Naftanya political organizations such as the Ethiopian Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUD), Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front (EPPF) and Ginbot 7 bear testimony to our concerns. The formation of Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) with the CUD is also another example of the anti-Oromo activities committed by the Asmara Group.

Now, the same group is busy setting Oromo against Oromo. It was the same group that set members of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) against each other and caused unwarranted blood shed in the Southern Command in the summer of 2002. They are also spending tens of thousands of dollars collected from the Oromo public on the ongoing expensive unnecessary legal battle they instigated in their bid to destroy the OLF.

Our message to supporters of the two factions of the Asmara Group is that both factions have already divided the OLF since 2001 and now willing to divide the Oromo diaspora communities along regional lines. Evidence is also emerging that some elements of the Asmara Group have started to spread suspicion and bad feelings among Oromos back home in Oromia. Such vicious act must be nipped in the bud. We must learn the lesson from our neighbours in Somalia how disastrous it is to organize oneself along regional and clan lines rather than political objectives. Time has come for you to bring to an end this divisive project that you have tolerated for far too long.

The OLF struggles to liberate Oromia. We are organized under the guiding principle of the ideology of Oromummaa and political objective of independent Oromia. To this end, the OLF is working closely with other Oromo political organizations within the framework of the United Liberation Forces of Oromia (ULFO), and Oromo civic societies to strengthen the unity of our nation.

The only possible rational conclusion that can be drawn from the actions of the Asmara Group is that they are created and sponsored by anti-Oromo forces. Therefore, any Oromo worthy of the name should not co-operate with any group that works contrary to the just cause of the Oromo people and against the struggle to liberate our country.

We call upon true Oromo nationalists still supporting the Asmara Group to abandon both of the aforementioned factions and join us not only to continue with the struggle to save our people from genocide that is being perpetrated by the Ethiopian state against the Oromo nation but also to prevent the looming civil war that is being engineered by factions of the Asmara Group.

The irresponsible actions of the aforementioned two factions of the Asmara Group are threatening the integrity of our society and unity of our nation. The strong unity of the Oromo people has been affirmed by the bloods and bones of our fallen heroes and heroines in the mountains of Oromia over the past four decades and it should not be eroded by opportunists and reactionary forces. To this end, we would like to call upon the Oromo diaspora to curtail their assistance, be it in the name of region or otherwise, to both factions of the Asmara Group as a matter of urgency.

We urge the Oromo people to be vigilant and safeguard their unity and the gains of our struggle by standing with the genuine OLF under our leadership.

We would like to reassure the Oromo public and our true supporters that the Oromo struggle under the leadership of our organization will continue until we realise our final goal of liberating our country from century old Abyssinian colonization.
Oromia shall be free!

Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo Chairman
Oromo Liberation Front


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