Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) confirmed to have launched a major counter-offensive military operation against Ethiopian forces on Tuesday.

The group that had earlier claimed to have rebuffed the late May offensive by Ethiopian army, said its two units from the Gorgor Command had already launched two prolonged offensive in Dhagah-Madow district. The ONLF said its attacks also led to the destruction and capture of enemy troops in several military units, including those in Wayne and Dhagah.

"Hundreds of soldiers were captured and causalities were very high," the group said in a statement, claiming to have repelled, degraded and dispersed reinforcements from Harar, Fiq and Dhagah. Having claimed to have either killed, captured or dispersed into wilderness more than 1,800 government soldiers, the ONLF said it is now "in hot pursuit of the remnants."

Ogaden forces who have been leading a liberation struggle for the independence of ethnic Somalis, also claimed to have captured heavy weaponry, ammunition and military vehicles.

Source: afrol.com


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