Monday, March 31, 2008

Ethiopia must be decomposed and broken down to ten pieces, and all the oppressed nations that have been held captive therein must be liberated!

At the moment Europe tries to present viable projects of cooperation and partnership with various countries in the Middle East and Africa, the worst replica of Neo-Nazi Germany survives in the Horn of Africa, plunging various local nations to inhuman tyranny, unprecedented deprivation, total poverty, and utmost starvation.

The ominous tribal tyranny represents ca. 17 – 18% of the country´s population (namely the Monophysitic Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians), and threatens the global security by radicalizing a great number of African Muslim nations, who cannot possibly accept the perpetuation of a racist regime in their lands.

Under monarchical (Menelik to Haile Selassie), communist (Mengistu) or pseudo–republican (Meles Zenawi) mask, Abyssinia (fallaciously re-baptized as ´Ethiopia´) pursued severely racist and definitely genocidal policies against a multitude of nations, namely the Somalis (Ogadenis included), the Oromos, the Afars, the Sidamas, the Anuak, the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Agaws, the Kambatas, the Wolayitas, and others.

The racist and genocidal cynicism of the Abyssinian butchery has not stopped, even for a second, over the span of 150 years. It is revealed through the following practices:

1. Extensive massacres of subjugated peoples

2. Slave trade

3. Total prohibition of the use and the study of the languages of the subjugated peoples

4. Grave disrespect for the religious systems adopted by the subjugated peoples, and abhorrent desecration of their holy places and shrines

5. Imposition of education exclusively in Abyssinian languages (Amharic and Tigrinya)

6. Expropriation of the natural resources and lands that belonged to the subjugated peoples

7. Enforced installation of illegal Amhara and Tigray settlers in the occupied territories

8. Selection of a small number of volunteering traitors among the subjugated nations, who are customarily promoted to "representatives" of the invaded lands in the so-called local administration and the central government (in exchange of material goods and better conditions of daily life)

9. Overwhelming discrimination against all the subjugated nations who have been ceaselessly misrepresented at the level of the central administration, the state machine, the army, and the corps diplomatique.

10. Ulcerous, revengeful policies toward all those who rejected the Amhara – Tigray tyranny, involving extrajudicial killings, long imprisonment, cruel torture practices, and total lack of tolerance in any aspect

11. Prohibition of any publication in languages other than Amharic and Tigrinya. This measure has been prolonged until today with the exception of Somali and Oromo languages, which have been recently allowed, under condition that the texts printed straightforwardly oppose the general and overwhelming desire of all the Oromos and all the Ogadeni Somalis for secession, freedom and national independence.

12. Totalitarian imposition of a perversely and discriminatorily falsified version of Eastern African History as State Dogma of Amhara / Tigray Supremacy that compared with the Nazi theories makes of Hitler´s doctrine a modest and moderate system.

Europe cannot accept that trivialized forms of barbarism, racism and absolute darkness are diffused from the so-called universities of ´Ethiopia´.

Europe cannot tolerate the prevalence of the racist theory of one ´Ethiopian´ nation, as this idea demonstrates clearly the Neo-Nazi identity of the Abyssinian elites.

Europe cannot allow the subjugated nations of Neo-Nazi ´Ethiopia´ be fallaciously represented by their cruel invaders, who want to exterminate them, or by selected (by the invaders and therefore totally unrepresentative) traitors, who just for little money misrepresent their nations to please their masters.

Remove the unrepresentative ´Ethiopian´ embassies of inhuman tyranny!

Europe cannot accept on its soil the Neo-Nazi tumors of the ´Ethiopian´ embassies as their staff is composed (up to 90 to 95%) by representatives of the Monophysitic Amharas and Tigrays, who represent no more than 18% of the country´s total population.

When 82% of the country´s population – which is ethnically, linguistically, culturally and religiously very different from the rest – is represented at the level of the diplomatic offices of their own country by no more than 5% of the staff, one gets a clear idea that the embassies of the Hell ´Ethiopia´ sully, tarnish, dishonor, and discredit the European soil.

The sheer deterioration of the aforementioned situation, particularly in Ogaden, is an indication that the European Union must take action immediately.

The tribal thugs of Meles Zenawi, impersonating the ´national´ army of ´Ethiopia´ perform abhorrent acts, breaching even the codes of cannibalistic societies. They rape Ogadeni women, kill them and throw their dead bodies to feed hyenas; they kill indiscriminately anyone they like in the streets of the towns of Ogaden.

The criminal state of ´Ethiopia´ is Ogaden´s most passionate enemy, as the Neo-Nazi gangsters of the Zenawi administration and their iconic opposition, Kinijit, want to evacuate the entire Ogadeni population (ca 5.5 million people) and keep Ogaden´s landmass under control in order to exploit the oil-rich soil.

Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussein, Meles Zenawi prevents humanitarian help from reaching the needy Ogadenis, having also imposed a trade embargo to Ogaden in order to intentionally provoke generalized starvation and massive extinction of the Ogadeni population. This act alone identifies Meles Zenawi as the world´s most wanted gangster and his administration and tribe as threat to the Mankind.

Intentional Genocide through Dehydration

I will publish here an excerpt from a petition handed over by the Ogaden Communities in Europe to Mr. Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, during the demonstration of the Somali Ogaden Diaspora in front of the European Council, Brussels, on Mars 28th 2008.

This excerpt bears witness to intentional, premeditated, and predetermined acts of Genocide carried out by the tyrannical and racist government of ´Ethiopia´; the European Union should form its African policy in the light of this text, and the evidence therein contained. The petition excerpt reads as follows:

"The latest victim of Ethiopian criminal act is the community of Wayla-lagu-xidh. On the 16th of March 2008, the Ethiopian army brought army water tankers and pumped the water from the last artificial Water reservoir (Barkad) in the village. The water reservoir was owned by a man called Dayib Abdi Omar. After filling their water tankers they pumped the rest of the water to the field nearby. The villagers including children and vulnerable elders were left waterless. The nearest water point to the area is about 20 miles in Nus-dariq where there is an Ethiopian army garrison under their control.

This monstrous act committed at the height of the Jilal dry season where there is an active famine is intended to punish the villagers for refusing to bring militias to fight the ONLF. The Irony of this act is demonstrated by the fact that this same government declared a few weeks ago that it needed four million US dollars in order to alleviate the water shortage in the Ogaden rural communities due to the extended dry season".

Instant European Reactions Against the Criminal, Neo-Nazi State ´Ethiopia´

European Union´s top instances should deliberate on the issue and immediately from a Humanitarian Committee to investigate the issue onsite.

The European Union should recognize the Ogaden National Liberation Front as the only rightful representative of the Ogadeni Somali Nation.

The European Union should degrade the level of the ´Ethiopian´ pseudo-embassies, denounce their lack of representativity, and consult with all the separatist and secessionist movements and liberation fronts of all the other tyrannized nations of ´Ethiopia´.

The European Union should demand immediate and uncontrolled access to any place in Ogaden for all the world´s NGOs and humanitarian agencies.

In case of ´Ethiopian´ disagreement, the European Union closely working with America should propose, obtain and implement a UN Security Council resolution providing for

1. total embargo on ´Ethiopia´,
2. immediate retreat of all forces loyal to the ´Ethiopian´ government from Ogaden,
3. subsequent deployment of UN – AU forces throughout Ogaden, and
4. free referendum for secession – national independence

The gangster state ´Ethiopia´ must be decomposed and broken down to ten pieces, and all the oppressed nations that have been held captive therein must be liberated.


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