Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Bossasso Crime

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

The deteriorating situation of the Abyssinian dictator Zenawi´s ailing tyranny drives many Oromo out of their homeland. As the borders with Eritrea are closed due to unresolved war, and the Somali South is devastated by the National Liberation struggle engaged by all the Somalis against the invading tribal Amhara and Tigray army, few options are left for those who cannot pay a air ticket.

Kenya was an option until recently, but the recent developments sealed an entire period of stability in that country´s postcolonial history. Sudan is in turmoil in so many parts of it, and in addition the way to the Sudanese border is already difficult to cross within undeveloped Abyssinia. With the Somaliland´s secessionist regime of traitors acting as puppets of the Abyssinian, every Oromo may face death in Hargeysa and Berbera where the destabilized country´s fractions have gradually entered into a civil strife with tribal mafias eliminating adversary predators.

What is left is the other breakaway regime of NE Somalia, Puntland, which controls the Horn of Africa, Cap Guardafui, and more importantly the northern harbour of Bossasso from where many Oromo adventurers sail risking their own lives in order to find a sort of freedom in Yemen, and thence to any other possible country.

The lethal harbour Bossasso

Crossing through isolated Ogaden to reach Puntland is not an easy affair at all; Abyssinia´s Somali province (shamefully given to the murderous, inhuman dictator Haile Selassie by the departing British colonialists in the early 1950s as a ´present´) never accepted its annexation to the barbaric and tyrannical realm of the Amhara and the Tigray who have been traditional enemies. Ogaden has been over the past two years the area of a great confrontation between the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), paragon of the Ogadeni struggle for National Independence, and the thuggish tribal ´soldiers´ of the African Hitler, Meles Zenawi, who have orders to butcher indiscriminately anyone they may choose, as their plan is precisely the Genocide of all the oppressed nations of Abyssinia.

Once the emigrating Oromos reach Garowe, the shadowy ´capital´ of the illegitimate state of Puntland, they have to cross further on to the north until the reach the harbour of Bossasso and thence sail to Aden. Until recently, it was supposed that beyond Bossasso the only danger for the emigrating Oromos was the poor conditions of safety passengers have to face when sailing on these small boats. Navigation in the Gulf of Aden is not an easy affair, and many Oromo shipwrecked were met with undeserved fate. So many Oromos have been crossing through Bossasso to Yemen that some other Oromos found it interesting to set up small businesses there instead of back in their homeland.

100 Oromos massacred in Puntland in exchange of ´Ethiopian´ help to the local warlords

By now, we know that, before exposing themselves to the perilous sea waves, Oromos risk their lives in the streets of the rapidly disintegrating Puntalnd where racist Abyssinian murderers malignantly pursue and mercilessly target them.

This is one more inhuman dimension of the Neo-Nazi Amhara and Tigray anti-Oromo discrimination, rancor, and deeply encrusted racial hatred. If we only remember the promises by Abyssinian puppet, Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, when he conquered Bossasso, we clearly realize the extent of the deception (

As the breakaway Puntland state´s greatest harbour and major gate for incoming foreign currency, Bossasso is critical for Puntland; without the Bossasso mafias, Puntland would disintegrate within a day. Eliminating Bossasso´s mafias consists in a great step towards Ultimate Peace and Union in Somalia.

Before 10 days, an organized crime took place in Bossasso with the attacks of Puntland mafias and Abyssinian secret services against Oromo restaurants in Bossasso, and it ended up in an incredible butchery of more than 100 Oromos.

UN Peacekeeping Force for Puntland: Answer to the Bossasso Crime

We denounced the blunt murder carried out by the criminal Neo-Nazi racists of the dictatorial Meles Zenawi administration that represents less than 18% of the entire country´s population, all ethno-religious combinations considered.

We denounced the silence of the international mass media that turn themselves to silent accomplices of criminal African gangsters worse than Hitler and Stalin.

And we denounce the existence of the Pestilence Puntland, a mafia enclosure within NE Somalia that implements Al Capone practices in the Horn of Africa to the prejudice of the entire local population, and all peaceful foreigners who happen to cross the country.


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