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Shanee Qinjit makes calls to the peoples of Ethiopia & to the Ethiopian Government.

December 2, 2007

On the Statement of its regular session from November 25- December 1, 2007 the Executive Committee of Shanee Qinjit makes calls to the peoples of Ethiopia & to the Ethiopian Government.

Shanes makes the following calls:

To the peoples of Ethiopia

Upon coming to power 17 long years ago the EPRDF promised you peace, democracy and development. Today war is raging in Oromia and Ogaden.

Ethiopian troops are dying in Somalia. Soon thousands may perish in another senseless war in the North. The constitution and the rule of law are openly and brazenly violated. Political freedom is severely restricted. Poverty is becoming more and more grinding rather than abating. Despite the lofty rhetoric by the regime and its apologists, the facts suggest that after 17 long years none of the promises are kept and none are likely to be ever delivered. How long can you wait in vain? We believe you have waited too long and call on you to join hands and intensify your struggle to shake off tyranny and establish a new era of peace, democracy and prosperity. We also urge the opposition and resistance forces to close ranks and rally under the umbrella of the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD).

To the Ethiopian Government

The Ethiopian military is busy fighting in Oromia and Ogaden. It has bogged down in Somalia. Another theatre of war may soon open up on the northern border. A poor and divided country can ill afford to sustain such a costly and endless war at home and abroad. It is time for a thorough rethink of policy. The way out is a just political solution, first at home. We thus call on you to heed the call for dialogue to resolve the impasse.


At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amantii Shanee-Qinijjit

Maqaa abbaa keenya Leencoo Lataatti,
Ilma isaa Daawud Ibsaa fi jala hiriirtotaatti,
Isaan sadan Shanee-Qinijjit tokkicha!

Nan amana, Leencoo Lataatti,
giddu adeemaa Shanee fi Qinijititti,
Ilma isaa Daawud Ibsaatti,
bakka bu'ee walii-galtee mallatteessaatti;

Nan amana, Shanee-Qinijititti,
Kan tokkummaa Itoophiyaa leellisutti,
Alaabaa Habashsa jala buluutti,
Afaan Amaaraa qofaa dubbachuutti;

Nan amana, Oromiyaan qaama Itophiyaa ta'uutti,
Maqaa Oromiyaa dhabamsiisuutti,
Seera hiree ofii ofiin murteeffannaa haquutti,
Kan Itoophiyaan jettetti buluutti;

Nan amana, kaayyoo kana bakkaan gahuutti,
Yoo Tigireen qalbii jijjirrate simachuutti,
Waa'ee bilisummaa Oromoo irraanfachuutti,
Warra kanaan morman irratti duuluutti,
"Diina Oromoo" jedhee maqaa xureessuutti,
"Wayyaaneef dalagu" jedhee sobaan yakkuutti;
"Aangoof bololu" jedhee irratti ololuutti;
Kan kanatti amannu hunda keenya ta'uutti;

Nan amana, Eritrea deeffachuutti,
Yoo inni dadhabame, Asabiin dhunfachuutti;

Maqaa abbaa keenya Leencoo Lataan
Ilma isaa Daawud Ibsaan
Kan isaan jedhan hundi nuuf ta'aan.


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless otherwise Shane gumii speaks, the bull head QC such as Abarraa oolumaa, would have been dead and non rescucutated and breathless. Shane gumii has to speak to give CPRP to dead QC to speak with their gohst othewise, no where to hear or find them.

Dude, Abarraa ooluumaa, what u have for us then? just enjoying ur refugee life and blubbering?That is not much though.When ever shane sneezes, the QC scams speak. Raajii dha.

At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr/Mrs Raajii dha,

What was the point you want to raise? Are you touched by the Shane-qinjit’s sensational disclosure? If so, why you couldn’t explain more about it? I don’t think you have got any idea of it. That’s why you started jumping on points and ended up with nonsense words. So it would be better you understand the issue very well prior to start confrontation with concerned people.
As you said “Shane gumii speaks”, the shane qinijit group has been talking to its best to get on power. But the group’s dream is ended up with pleading Wayyane. That much it is performing. I don’t think you need more proof than the group’s statements.

Poor efficiency!!!

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bull head , Aka Abarraa oolummaa, let as assume shane gumii has dine nothing. Tell us what u, the QC group have done so far except sneezing after shane gumii.

Any thought. I am well aware of each and every thing going in our struggle than your empty and power struggle than actual struggkle to free our people.
U idiot, u and the rest of scams must go before even we think to free our peole. You guys ar the shame of Oromo, the entire oromo.

We shall be free when we steadyfast and take the matter on our own matter than waiting the refugee that struggle for power stearing.
Hell to u both side who hurt the Oromo struggle and made a crowling baby for decads.

Raajii dha

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obbo/Aaddee Raajii dha,

If you are in doubt of the crimes of SQ you better check your own pulse, you might even be dead. You seem to experience out of body experience. Anyone who exposes the enemy of the Oromo such as the Shanee-Qinijjit must be QC for you. Your talk a load of rubbish and reading your comments one cannot help thinking your are a damaged good damaged beyond redemtion. Forget QC and tell us about SQ (AFD) if you may.

Ethiopia, what Ethiopia?. Talk about Oromia if you are an Oromo.


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The members of Shane qinijjit, who are swearing of Oromo struggle like Raajii dha, are boasting by saying “I am well aware of each and every thing going on in our struggle”. In most of his statements he was repeatedly said “bull head” to human being. To the realty he is kidding himself and his colleagues, either in theory or in action. As of his offensive remarks he is a rude person. His bad manner associates him with Habasha’s, trainee, who was groomed in a calf room during childhood. This is a typical character of most Shane qinjit’s member. They try to show up themselves as an intellectual person with in cover up of insults. They manipulate the name of Oromo Liberation Front, while they haven’t got attention to listen to Oromoo people’s voice. On the contrary they are begging Habasha for concession. Their knowledge capability couldn’t let them out of fraud and deception boarder. Actually those who are out of state of mind would spontaneously perform ode things and get worried for their remaining life. So I wish them good luck before they pass away with it.
Diigaa Ijaarra

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helloo QC

thank your your report. But have your ever done any thing useful for the Oromo people. Because what I read on this is all about name calling and allegation how other groups have sold the cause. Mr. Abera, how do you expect Oromiyaa to be free when all you and your QC do nothing except empty rhethoric that they are pro independence and other are anit..............................................................

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the guy who said “Helloo QC”

I have got a few advises for you:
- Go to School and learn something to express yourself,
- come out of inferiority to be free of depression caused by negative thinking,
- understand the demand of Oromoo people, and/
Or be silent and do the destruction you are assigned on.
Otherwise you are badly exposing Shane qinijjit members, who are on the same status with you, to those who couldn’t get them.
If you need more of these directions, I am ready to be generous to you.
Oromia shall be free!!!

At 5:00 AM, Anonymous Jogool said...

Ana kan na dhibu warri Shanee Qinijit kun deemani Oromoo gurguruun akka OPDO, dalaga dalagaa jira jechuu feetan moo akkam saa, waan dabaati, mee maal hojjeetaan isiin guddini keessan mana habasha keessati argamu malee eessa illee akka hin geenye bu'aan ija keessani ni mul'isa.

Barichatu galagalee jira,bara hattuun hattu namaan jettu. Safuu

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaa jogol.

"Nyaara haaddattee" jedha Oromoon warraa akka shanee Qinijjit kanaan Amaara baachuu gooftaa godhachuun jala hiriiruu, kaayyoo uummatichaa ganuun; qabsoo uummatichaa gurguruu, uummata Oromoo afaan faajjesuun oliif gadi jechuu fi kadhaa diinaa badaduu isaanii; dalagatti jirra jechuu fedhu.

Gochaa shira diinaa isaan itti bobba'an kan saaxiluu fi fashalsiinuun akka hojii guddaa ta'e hubachuuf ijji isaanii waan danda'u hin fakkaatu.

Egaa yoo isaanii galeef qabsoo uummatichaa isaan garaaf gurgurachuuf yaalan fashalsiisuun qabsoo uummatichaa baraaruun mataan isaa dalaga guddaa tokko dha.

Utuu Qabsaawonni dhugaa ABO hin jiraannee; shanee qinijjit silaa yoona maqaa ABO fudhattee Tigree jala galee turete.

Qabsoo hadhooftuu qabsaawonni godhaniin kun Shanee jalaa fashanee jira. Bor tari dhuunfaan haharca'anii galuun dhimma isaaniiti.

Qabsoon gudaan qabsoo fakkeessitoota keessan diina tajaajilan irratti ta'u dha. Dura Yoo mana ofii qulqulleeffatan bakkees qulqulleessatu mitiiree?

Qabsoon itti fufa!!!

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Afaaniin ummata oromootiif qabsoona jechaa, qabsoo hidhannoo laamshessaa,diinana ummata oromoo lafarraa fixaau wogachaa,maqaa bilisummaatnii ummata oromoo dhamaasaa fi umrii gabrummaa ummata oromoo irratti dheeressuu fi mootummaa gabroofataa habashaa suphuuf dur irraa dhoksaan kan ijaaraman shaneen qinijjiit ykn worrootni soddaadhan Amaaraatii fi eessumman Amaaraa sira ummata oromoo irratti xaxuu eega jalqabanii oolee buleera.
haat,u malee gochaa isaanii kanaoromootni irratti dammaqan arralee hin heddummaatan .suuta -suutaan garuu yeroon isaa qaawa limmoo seenan fagoo hin ta,u.a.akkasumas diina bobatti galanii diina wogachuun isaanii waan nama ajaa,ibuu miti.

At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

unbitshanee qinijjit maqaa ABO jedhuun ufi yaamaa kaayyoo dhuunfaan qaban of keessatti dhoyfatanii yeroo dheeraaf qabsaayota oromoo lubbuu ajjeesuu fi qabsoo irraa ari,uun qabsoo oromoo yeroo dheeraaf qancarsaa kan tura yoo ta,u bara 2005 ifatti bayanii diina ummata oromoo kan kaleessa harkaa fi harma isa muraa ture wojjiin tumsa uumuun isaanii eenyummaa isaanii ifatti baasuun alatti qabsoo ummatni oromoo sababii abbaa biyyummaatiif jecha gootota qaqqaalii itti dhabe fi woreegama guddaa itti kafale akka salphaatti dhabamsiisuutti aggaameera.
wonti guddaa nama gaddisiisu garuu ummatni oromoo hedduun isaanii arrallee shiraa fi soba isaanii kana irratti dammaqee afoo dhaabbachuu dhabuu isaati.
haa ta,u malee jarmayootni oromoo hedduun isaanii haala kana irratti dammaqanii ciminaan afoo kan dhaabbatan yoo ta,uoromootni hedduullee yeroo ammaa haala kana hubatanii mormii cimaa irratti kaasaniiru.
keessattuu gaafa shanee qinijjiiti Amaaratti heerumuu isaanii ifatti labsatan AWO MORMII qabanii fi worri kun kaayyoo oromoo diinatti gurgurachuu isaanii ifatti baasee ummata oromootiif ibsuun isaanii qabsoon wolabummaf godhamtu dandamattee akka asi geettu godheera.
haaluma kanaan sabboontotni oromoo bakka jirru hunddatti gamtaanis ta,ee dhuunfaan worra shanee qinijjiit kan qabsoo oromoo kolaasuuf deemu kana afoo dhaabbachuu fi haala mijaa,aa ta,e hunddatti fayyadamtanii rukuttanii akka dhabasiiftan isin gaafadha.

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Loltuu said...

QC Boy

Still alive? Still hungry of your power struggle? Still opening your dirty and wide mouth against the genuine OLF? Believe me boy, oromos don't need gantuus and gandatti amantuus like you. For you, QC Boy, oromummaa is a regional issue. But for the real oromos struggling for the right of the oromo nation, power struggle is not an issue. The issue is Bilisummaa oromia and free oromia and oromo nation.
Go to hell QC boy.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

QC Boy aka Abarra Olumaa

What is wrong? Are you tired of wasting your time on QC's achievement, which is waging caberwar against the Oromo Liberation Front? No wonder that you use a nick called "Diigaa Ijaarra". Dude, whether you believe it or not, manuma kee diigaa ijaartta ta'a malee Qabsoo Bilisumma Oromoo kashalabbeen akka kee ijaaruus diiguus hin dandayu. "Diigaa Ijaarra" .... so funny. Eenyuun diigaa eenyu ijaarttu?
Victory to oromo nation!
Down with gantuus and gandatti amantuus aka Abarra Oluma!


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