Friday, January 19, 2007

Two brother Oromo students Killed at One Spot

(Gimbi Oromia): Two brother students Gemechis Bulcha Buli and Lalisa Waqgari Buli were brutally murdered by the Woyane armed security agents on 01/03/07 evening in Gimbi town of Western Wollega Zone, Oromia regional state. The two brothers, who were students of Guddattuu Guyii School, were shot dead while they were studying their daily lesson at their home.

According to this report, the security agents went to the house and called Student Gemechis Bulcha Buli out of the house and killed him with a gun. Student Lalisa Waqgari Buli was then shot dead by the same agents because he fell on the body of his brother and cried.
Meanwhile the parents of these students who went to Gimbi Hospital to ask the body of their children have been arrested for allegedly escaping from their home when the security agents showed up.

Victory to the Oromo people


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