Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Interior Minister of Transitional Federal Government of Somalia Mr Hussein Mohamed Aideed wants to pay a rebate to Mr Meles Zenaw

SomaliNet:- Hussein Mohamed Aideed, the interior minister of the transitional federal government has said on Tuesday the government wants that Somalia and Ethiopia share a single passport and wipe out the boundary between the countries – citing the unity of European countries as one nation and share one currency.

Mr. Aideed who met today with clan and traditional elders in the former presidential palace in the Somalia capital Mogadishu said since Somalis and Ethiopians are brothers and both countries share 2000 km long border my government would suggest to use a single passport in the two countries and unified security forces because there is blood relations between both communities in Somalia and Ethiopia.

“There are thousands of Somali refugees living in Ethiopian and hold Ethiopian passports who can travel everywhere in the world,” Mr. Aideed said.

Hussein Aideed said 60% the Somali refugees are in Ethiopia and argued that nothing can prevent us from joining hands with Ethiopia since they came to help us from thousands miles away.

The interior minister asked the elders to welcome the Ethiopian forces helping the government for restoring peace and stability.

He said the Ethiopians should be seen as friends but not as enemy. “ Ethiopia is the only country which supported Somalia out of the problem,” he said.

December 10, 2006, some members of the transitional parliament in Somalia put on view publicly a map which they said secretly stolen from the office of Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi in Baidoa. The map shows all countries in African continent with Ethiopia annexing Somalia . But the premier Gedi denied the allegation as false paper.


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This issue indicates that how much a military muscel in Africa is awarding. I hope the oppressed people will learn something out of this.


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