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Oromo Political Prisoners Appeal

Date /8/1998 EC

To:Ministry of Justice
House of People's Representatives
Oromo Nationa Federalist Movement
Dr. Negaso Gidada (MP)
Council of Oromia
Supreme Court of Oromia
Oromia Justice Bureau
Ethiopian Human Rights Council
The US Congress
European Union
African Union
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
German Radio

From: Oromo Political Prisoners.

We the Oromo political prisoners, charged with false accusations for the crimes of attempting to overthrow the regime and inciting war, were detained and have been suffering for such a long time in prison without trial and justice only for our political outlook and being Oromo. Moreover, our human rights are always violated and we have been denied of humane treatment as a result of which we have been suffering from sickness, torture and death.

  1. Even though Article 20(1) of the FDRE Constitution provides that the accused have the right to speedy trial by an independent judiciary, this constitutional right of ours has been utterly violated and our trial is excessively delayed. For example:

  2. The trial of Tegene Gebresillasie and others 48 innocent Oromos who were apprehended from the town of Adama (Nazereth) and its vicinity has been proceeding before the Second Criminal Division of the Federal High Court since 1990 E.C. for 8 years. We have been suffering in prison during all these years.

  3. The trials of Ali Ibirahim and others ( 48 innocent Oromos) who were apprehended from the town of Dire Dawa and its vicinity, the trial of Mohammed Hussein and others (41innocent Oromos) who were apprehended from Arsi, Bale and East Shewa Zones of Oromia have been proceeding for the last 6 years since 1992 E.C. before the above mentioned Bench.

  4. The trails of Hussein Hamza and others (15 peaceful Oromos) and that of Kedir Zinabu and others (15 innocent Oromos) who were apprehended from East and West Hararge Zones Oromia have been dragging since 1993 E.C. for solid 5 years before the same Court and Bench.

  5. The trial of Mesfin Ittana and others (9 innocent Oromos) who were apprehended from East and West Wallaga Zones of Oromia has been dragging before the same Court and Bench since 1995 E.C.

  6. The trials of Diriba Damisse and others, Gameda Kasim and others, and leaders of Mecha Tulama Association( Oromo self-help association) , Oromo students of Addis Ababa University and Oromo journalists ( generally 59 innocent Oromos) have been proceeding since 1996 E.C. for 2 years.

  7. The trials of Haile Tasisa and others (9 persons), Chala Lench and others (7 persons), Merga Negera and others (3 persons), Elias Jibiril and others (2 persons), and the trials of Olkaba Lata, Liben Jarso, and Shiferaw Hinsarmu( a journalist) have been pending before the same Court and Bench in which we all are suffering in cell without lawfully convicted.

    There is one and only one reason why the Second Criminal Bench of the Federal High Court has failed to dispose of our case: that is the crime we are charged with is unfounded and cannot be proved in which case we will certainly be acquitted if the court will have decide the matter. So the only mechanism by which we can be kept in prison for indefinite period is by delaying our trial. This, however, is illegal and inhumane. We therefore request the concerned Ministry of Justice to respect the country's Constitution and provide us immediate and just solution.
    Contrary to Article 21(1) of the FDRE Constitution the conditions in which we are held in prison or custody is quite inhumane. More often than not we have been subjected to torture, shot to death. For instance:-

On October 24, 1998 E.C student Alemayehu Gerba was shot in his bed and died of this on November 1, 1998 E.C. Gadisa Hirpasa, a student and prisoner was tortured to death by prison administrators and policemen. On October 24, 1998 E.C. a police officer of the prison opened an automatic fire on a cell in which Amin Kelil, Idiris Awel, Lamessa Tasissa, Zekarias Tariku, and Ashenafi Biru were heavily wounded while in their cell and sustained incurable bodily injury.

Many have become mentally deranged due to police torture. Tolera Tadesse, Umar Shek Kedir and Temam Amede are losing their conscious due to this torture in which they are also denied medical attention by prison officials.

Others died of it, for example, Mokonnen Zawude, Nigusu Gojera, Alemayehu Ittafa, Zelalem Bayisa, Umar Haji and Haji Mohammed Messa died of the torture.
We have denied of medical attention as a result some of us are suffering from diseases. Mahammed Tayib Abdulmelik died of a desease because he was denied access to medical treatment.

We fear that they are intentionally delaying our trial so that they get time to expose us to disease, torture and put us all to death over a longer period of time.We demand that the torture and killing should be stopped and the murderers of students Alemayehu Gerba, and Gadisa Hirpasa, that is, Major Afework Teferra, privates Fiseha Gebremariam and Iyasu should be brought to justice immediately.3. Atricle 25 of the Constitution guarantees equality before the law and protects against any form of discrimination. However, we Oromos have been detained and jailed without conviction only for our political outlooks and ethnic nationality, and language. We are exposed to torture such as electric shocks. Our investigators are only Tigrian members of the Federal Police. This team is led by a man called Tadese Meseret known for using electric shocks in which many innocent Oromos lost their lives. Ali Ibirahim and Gutu Geletu (in 1987 E.C), Mahammed Yusuf in 1990 Sisay Debele in 1993 died of such torture while in custody. Many like Girma Ittafa became lame and unable to walk due to this torture.The ones prosecuting us for such a perpetrated crime are prosecutors born to Tigrian ethnic group.The presiding judge of the Second Criminal Division who simply delays our trial by adjourning our case is a man called Le'ul Gebremariam who is a Tigrian national. This judge has been assigned to try Oromos since 1984E.C. He simply orders death penalty upon Oromos.The so-called crimes that we are charged with are said to have been committed in Oromia. Constitutionally Oromia has jurisdiction to try us, but we are put to the investigation by Tigrian police, prosecution by Tigrian prosecutor and trial by a Tigrian judge before federal court in aLanguage which we do not understand, where we are orally abused, insulted if we demand explanation or accurate translation. So we are denied of fair trial and justice in all the processes of investigation, prosecution and trial. We could have been tried in Oromia, but we are brought before federal institutions for the purpose of discrimination.Following the list of Oromo prisoners facing trial for intentionally perpetrated crimes which are quite unfounded and meant only to imprison us.

1. In the case of Tegenu Gebresillasei ( criminal file no. 1741, Federal High Court)

1 Tegenu Gebresillassei
2 Zerihun Hailu
3 Jida Siyum
4 Niguse Beturi
5 Mengesaha Nabi
6 Hasen Janbo
7 Tsegaye Koricho
8 Challa Biru
9 Negewo Birbisso
10 Shegena Melka
11 Ashu Waqayo
12 Lita Angure
13 Mirbo Korji
14 Lencho Dame
15 Megire
16 Dita Kebenech
17 Mideksa Korme
18 Asebot Ninni
19 Berhanu Beyene
20 Bojora Gemeda
21 Dullo Tekaka
22 Dagne Belachew
23 Bedo Melka
24 Tafa Regasa
25 Girma Ayana
26 Hasan Jilo
27 Gudeta Kurfa
28 Lema Lube
29 Shewarega
30 Kasim Hamda
31 Wachare Abo
32 Abo
33 Getu Tadese
34 Biru Mamo
35 Demisu Daba
36 Tullu Birru
37 Alemayehu Abebe
38 Tesfaye Demisse

2. In the case of Ali Ibirahim and others (Federal High Court criminal file no.809/93

1 Ali Ibirahim
3 Abdu Mohammed
4 Abdu Umar
5 Morka Idosa (dead)
6 Ahimad Zakiri
7 Girma Adugna
8 Adam Usman
9 Mahammed Jayilan
10 Biratu Disasa
11 Abera Merti
12 Husen Abdella
13 Jibiril Hasen
14 Hamza Uso
15 Abdi Ibirahim
16 Taye Guteta
17 Mehammed Aliye
18 Ibirahim Ahimed
19 Adma Ale
20 Ahimad Mehammed
21 Fayera
22 Jamal Ibirahim
23 Yunis Umar
24 Jora Mehammed
25 Abiyi Demashe
26 Abdella Adam
27 Jamal Amin
28 Alganesh Dirgasa
29 Abdella Mehammed
30 MehammedA/Rahiman
31 Abdurahiman Hasen
32 Abirahim Adam
33 Ziyad Mehammed
34 Musa Haji
35 Abdella Shehi Ahimad
36 Sufian Aliyi
37 Teshome Desta
38 Yunis Sham Dado
39 Tofik Umar40 Abdi Isma'el
41 Mahammed Musa Ibirahim
42 Dabale Asfawu
43 Jamal Abas

3. In the case of Mehammad Usen Mehammed and others (Federal High Court Criminal File no. 992/93

1 Mehammed Husen
2 Mehammed Teyib (dead)
3 Nuredin Dedefo
4 Hasen
5 Nasima Mehammed
6 Uke Beja
7 Shehi Ali Berertu
8 Kerjul Wayu
9 Abdurazak Banti
11 Gudeta Birso
12 Husen Teshite
13 Amano Warso
14 Tadese Ali
15 Gabi Shila16 Gana Ali
17 Bulbula Seyife
18 Sayid Kedir
18 Sayid Kedir
20 Aseffa Hika
21 Jarmo Chana
22 Hiko Bato
23 Dasta Bato
24 Dajene Gonfa
25 Yesin
26 Ahimad Kalifa
28 Bantu Midaksa
29 Gemeda Bati
30 Kemal Gobe
31 Yohannes Feleke
32 Adam Surur
33 Abu Gobena

4. In the case of Husen Hamza and others (Federal High Court Criminal files no. 1263/93

1 HusenHamza
2 Bedri Adam
3 Taye Balami
4 Umar Idiris
5 Mehammed Musa
6 Jamal Ahimad Abdo
7 Umar Shehi Bidiri
8 Ahimad Haji Aliyi
9 Ahimad Nuri
10 Salim Shehi Ahimad
11 Irena Legesse
12 Sultan Isma'el
13 Hasim Kedir
14 Kedir Salih Adam

5. In the case of Kedir Zinabu and others (Federal High Court criminal file no. 1810/93

1 Kedir Zinabu
2 Feruz Abdi
3 Husen Ahimad
4 Sherif Jundi
5 Mehammed Abdella
6 Ali Mehammed
7 Aliyi Ibiro
8 Abdul Reshid Abdulahi
9 Adam Salih
10 Ayush Bekiri
11 Abdella Abib
12 Kedir Abdi
13 Usma'el Husen
14 Yasin
15 Abdi Ame

6. In the case of Mesfin Ittana and others (criminal file no. 222/95)

1 Mesfin Ittana
2 Mesfin Mosisa
3 Dani'el Ayana
4 Cherinet Yemaneh
5 Mitiku Tesfa
6 Yohannes Waqbulcha
7 Kemal Bebgir
8 Mengistu Hordofa

7. In the case of Diribi Demisse and others (criminal file no. 36263/96)

1 Diribi Demisse
2 Gemechu Feyera
3 Sintayehu Workineh
4 Ayelu Itisa
5 Bekuma Yendo
6 Tolasa Debebe
7 Alemayehu Gerba (dead)
8 Kebebew Bobasa
9 Bilisuma Dabare
10 Dawit Odo
11 Melaku Degafi
12 Teshale Tesfaye
13 Legese Abetu
14 Gemechis Wodajo
15 Samu'el Haile
16 Kefiyalew Gerbi
17 Aberra Namomsa
18 Ibirahim Tarfa
19 Badasa Abdisa
20 Milkesa Dandana
21 Idosa Tolasa
22 Ibisa Melaku
23 Guta Tullu
24 Dabasa Waqjira
25 Nega Kefeni
26 Telila Bulbula
27 Taye Dendena
28 Gadisa Hirpasa (dead)
29 Tomas Beranu
30 Regasa Worku

8. In the case of Gemeda Kasim (criminal file no.33176/96)

1 Gemeda Kasim
2 Tadesse Amede
3 Kedir Wadajo
4 Guta Tullu
5Legese Gebrsillasie
6 Challa Abu
7 Zewudu Kene'a
8 Dachasa Banti
9 Bayisa Belay
10 Legesse Yadata
11 Mehammed Awal
12 Nasiri Abdo
13 Derara Abdisa
14 Teferra Nasi'a
15 Dagafa Gebremariam
16 Tamene Getahun
17 Yilma Indale
18 Adam Tibeso
19 Imiru Gurmessa
20 Adugna Daba

9. in the case of Haile Tasisa and others (criminal file no.36268/97)

1 Haile Tasisa
2 Lamessa Tasisa
3 Wage Melka
4 Abdu Siraj
5 Aman Hasen
6 Zakarias Tariku
7 Idiris Awal
8 Sa'id Abdella
9 Tasamma Afirasa.

CC.Embassies of different countries
Donor countries and organizations
Federal Police
Federal High and Supreme Courts


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