Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ethiopians clash over land

13/06/2006 07:20 - (SA)

Addis Ababa - Officials say at least 150 people have been killed in southern Ethiopia in more than a week of clashes between rival clans over land ownership following a jurisdictional re-alignment.

Aid officials in the region said the fighting erupted between the Guji and Borena tribesmen in a region between Yabello and Finchewa, about 400km south of the capital.
The conflict was sparked after the jurisdictional re-alignment saw land formerly belonging to Borenas awarded to Gujis, who claimed ownership of the newly-acquired land.
"Thousands of people have been displaced," said the official.
Federal police were yet to confirm the skirmishes.

Ethiopia's arid southern region has been a scene of repeated conflicts between pastoralist communities battling for scarce water and pasture.
13/06/2006 07:20 - (SA)

But now a time it is being the unique character of the Ethiopian governments that to turn one another and used it to draw the world attention to another direction. The government create dispute between the people and try to blame the other bodies. Also in a similar way constantly violating the neighbours’ country sovereignty and disputed the live of their citizens. All this is to draw the attention of the people and the world to the new phenomena.

By Oluma.a 07 05 1969


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