Thursday, June 01, 2006

The evil attempt of shane

By Oluma.a

Today, we see that as there are Oromo nationalists who have been sacrificing their lives and resources to liberate their people; on another extreme way, there are an individual Oromos who consciously or unconsciously betrayed their people for personal gains by joining the enemy camp to fight against the Oromo national interest and national struggles. Among these ……… Shane.

Especially at this time we see when the individual Shane leaders are trying to form an alliance with our enemies’ organisations; deliberately intended to eliminate our vanguard Oromo Organization and strengthen the enemies’ campaign.

This dangerous trial is an enemy strategy to use those individuals. The Shane individuals are confronting with those organizations to give up our century straggle with simple personals gains. Such attempt is not new and strange for the Oromo people. It is the system that the colonisers used repeatedly. Minilik used an Oromo individual during the invasion of our country Oromia and also the present oppressive TPLF used OPDO to under control Oromia in the same method.

So today we don’t get surprised with those individuals evil attempt. They are trying to cover their evil will from the people. But their intrigue attempt can not be hidden from the Oromo people.

They are working to change the political programme of the Oromo people as they need it. Today in shameless manner, they are trying to propagate the basic problem of the Oromo people as the lack of democracy. And they try to propagate Ethiopianism theory and try to preserve the old colonial state Ethiopia.

These individuals don’t want to listen to the voice of their followers Oromo people. They shout loudly as they are the leaders of the Oromo organisation.
But even they can’t talk openly what political programme they have it.

It is advisable and important to those individuals who are blinded for their garbage personal gains to keep their Oromuma blood. It is advisable to keep their promises to the oppressed Oromo people. It is more important to keep their determination for reality instead of looking for simple personal advantages.

Instead of giving attention and respect to their people, they prefer to concentrate on the enemies advisers, and being absolute loyal to them to form alliance with our basic enemies.

Unintentionally we see when they are trying to destroy our camp and strengthening the camp of our national enemies.

Those individuals of Shane groups who do not have a clear vision of Oromos determination, think that as they could change and determine the interest of the Oromo people. They want to mould and modify the political programme of the prominent Oromo Organisation.
They try to cancel the political program that almost all the Oromo people accepted fully and fighting for. But they try to hide their intrigue duty from the mass Oromo people which is impossible.

So we say to these egoist individuals this is a wrong way and far apart of reality with regard the Oromos mater.

It is not our choice to be colonized and dehumanized under back-warded Ethiopian political slavery and global tyranny, but it is our choice to rebuild our united Oromo force by increasing our commitment and determination to liberate ourselves.

The groups of Shane should have to know and believe these highly decisive points.
It can’t and should not be the global situations which change our political program. It can not be and should not the Habeshas or the other bodies who decide to liberate our self from the back warded Ethiopian colony. It is only we our self who could decide.

It is true that Ethiopian political slavery has affected our culture and tradition which could help us to be honest, self reliant and keep us from egoistic behaves. It has turned us against one another rather than promoting our straggle and strengthen our unity that helps us develop our understanding to each other in order to achieve our human liberation.

Any how those individual Oromos sold them self for their personal advantages to the Ethiopians to target and to destroy Oromos straggle can not be success full ever. We want to advise them to come out timely from such shame guilty. They should have to know that there is no force that can stop the Oromo nation from achieving its political objectives.

We Oromos naively think that this world cares, and somebody is going to help us in solving our political problems, should stop such illusions. It is only if we should be reliant on our self and fill confident we come over our problem. Therefore we should form our own alliance and unity to overcome it.

If we continue to see ourselves as powerless victims who fight one another and expect that forming an alliance with an intrigues Habeshas which are our main enemies to liberate us we remain hopeless victims.

So we want to see timely were we are standing now. Especially individuals today trying to play unnecessary game with Habesha in bumps road should have to break timely their useless gambling. They need to wake up from the night mire they slept in unconsciously. They should have to stop to organize enemies’ camp by the name of Oromo people.

Those individuals fail to understand that we only get support from others if we first help ourselves and convince others that they can benefit by helping us. We only get our freedom if we work for it in self dependent and self confident.

We need to be strong and self dependent united Oromos. We should have to have determination and devotion to organize our own real unity. It is the self dependent and confident organized people achieve human liberation.

The real and independent Oromo organizations with high level of cognitive liberation should have to push their national interest as first priority, and should have to solve their miner differences through open dialogue based on the principles of a common denominator. Our people have lived under Ethiopian colonialist for more than a century. As a result, they are chained by ignorance and poverty.

We the Oromo people should wholeheartedly support all Oromo movement centre that are gathered together under the umbrella of ULFO because this umbrella can be a platform for building the vision of real unity which will help create a coherent Oromos based on the principles of common denominator and trust. These Oromo movement centre also need to be honest to them-selves and work together in which they are strong to develop our straggle and broaden the Oromo national movement for liberation.

Oluma.a 07 05 1969


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