Wednesday, May 31, 2006

3 Oromos killed and 4 injured by the Federal forces

By Oluma.a 07 05 1969

Tension has been high in western Oromia since the mass up raisings started in the whole Oromia last year opposing the harassments and imprison of the Oromo people.

The federal forces killed 3 civilian Oromo persons and left 4 innocents injured in Bordode town in western Oromia last week. Said radio VOA afaan Oromo on 30 may 2006.

Oromo civilians are in mass detained and harassed widely in these areas in connection with the on going demonstrations all over Oromia against the government.

School children imprison with out committing any crime. Other School children and young Oromos forced to flee.

In the mid April a young businessman Muhamad Sahli were killed in a brutal way by Federal forces in Asabot town with accusation to be supporter of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Also Mr Mesay Kana’a a Cabinet member of Asabot found dead in his house in Asabot town.

The Mr Bewunetu Bilata Debale Oromia region administrative and security head affirmed the death of those persons and also confirmed the ongoing imprison and harassments in the region of Asabot.

Mr Debala tolled the source of the news as personally he visited the area and as he made a report about the situations to the concerned upper governmental bodies.

It is the regional Administrative bodies who commits these harassments said Mr Debala.Investigation is underway about the death of those peoples by concerned bodies. Said Mr. Debela to the VOA

Oluma.a 07 05 1969


At 9:06 AM, Blogger Abdataa said...

Dear Mana Oromo Swiss Editor,

I would like to express my appreciation for exposing the brutal murder of inncocent Oromos by the TPLF regime in order to prolong their rule at any cost. I am an eye witness to their canaroo courts which they use to give a legal cover to imprison indefinately hundreds Oromo nationalists.

I will get back your blog with more.
Gadaan gadaa bilisumaatti!


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