Saturday, June 24, 2006

Over 300 Oromos Suffering at Maikelawi Prison

Source: OLF News
June 22, 2006(Oromia) According to our reliable sources in Oromia said OLF news over 300 Oromo prisoners are suffering at the so-called Maikelawi prison in Finfinne (Addis Ababa). Some of these are:

Taaddasee Beekaa, from Waddeessaa village (Ambo)
Olaanaa Kumalaa, from Waddeessaa village (Ambo)
Geetuu Girmaa - Kuyyuu
Tasfayee Badhaanee – kuyyuu
Tasfayee Badhaanee – kuyyuu
Biraanuu - Kuyyuu,
Zemaach Waaqjiraa - Ginda beret,
Solomon Bezuu - Ginda beret,
Lemmaa Gonfaa - Ginda beret,
Meserat Badhaadhaa - Ginda beret
Mesfin Mullataa - Ginda beret
. Nagaasaa - Western shwaa,
Kabbadaa Qoroo - Western Shawaa,
Yisaq Ahimad,
Ism’el Kaliifaa,
Yasuuf Guddataa - Walisoo,
Abiyoot Hayiluu ,
Mulaatuu Maccaa, ONC representative of Walisoo,
Baqqalaa Asaffaa, ONC member of Walisoo,
Tsahaay (Biiftuu)- Finfinne

Three women who were jailed for five months in Maikelawi are transferred to Kerchelle last week. These are: 1. Roobee (sawunnat) – Amboo, 2. Imnet Hayiluu - Amboo, 3. Simmany – Amboo. In addition to this, four other women who came from Arsii are suffering in Maikelawi for five months.


Girmaa - West shawaa. He was accused of killing government agents; he was extremely bleeding through his mouth and his nose because he was severely hit on his head. Being denied medical attention due to the fear that his situation will be reported if sent to hospital.
Moni Mekasha – police inspector. He was accused being a member of OLF. He died last week in this prison as a result of torture. A disagreement erupted between Federal Police due to the death of thisyoung inspector. Members of Federal Police who are Oromos, Amharas and from the south nationalities objected the killing.

Victory to the Oromo People!


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