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Organized Pogrom against Oromo Students at Mekelle University on its Fourth Day

Source: LOF News
The Plea of Oromo Students of Mekelle University Written originally in Afaan Oromo Translated by an independent reader

Translator’s Note: I took it upon myself to translate the second in a series of plea-letters coming from Oromo students at Mekelle University, Ethiopia , with the recognition of the gravity of the situation that might escalate into wide-scale ethnic genocide. Of particular concern is the backing of the Tigray Regional State’s Security apparatus, the complacency or rather agitation that comes from University officials, and the fact that the theme of this violence has made it into Tigrians song. These are some of the sentinels that indicate a regrettable ethnic genocide is imminent and this hopefully will be a call for a prudent and timely action to the international community that has earned fame for arriving late to the scenes of genocide.
Beginning The violence that has erupted four days ago in both campuses of Mekelle University, i.e. Ende-Yesus and Adi Hakki campuses, has put the safety of Oromo students under immense threat.

The violence is a well coordinated effort by Tigrian students, Mekelle residents, and security forces of Tigrian origin to take revenge for the death of a Freshman Tigrian student (named Mowahl Arefayne) at Adaamaa University, in Oromia, which they claim to have been perpetrated by Oromos.

The condition turned grave when the body of Mowahl Arefayne arrived in Mekelle for burial. During and following the funeral service, the residents of Mekelle city flooded major roads chanting for revenge, and at night they broke into both campuses overwhelming security forces. The rioters, who were armed with knives, wooden clubs, iron bars, and firearms, battled with Oromo members of the Federal Police who were trying to repulse their advance past the campus gates.

For the Federal Police resisted the rioters advance into the University, The next day, the Federal Police was substituted by Tigray Region Police and The Agazi Special Forces on the demand of Tigrians who allege that the Federal Police is composed largely of non-Tigrians.

Yesterday morning, there was also heavy clash between Tigrian and Oromo students in the Faculty of Business and

Economics, also known as Adi Hakki. In connection with this incident, the security forces have rounded up a large number of victimized Oromo students who were thrown into prison. In the afternoon, the Tigrian students in Ende-Yesus Campus continued their rally uninterrupted and were making the following demands:

1. Secession from the rest of the country (Independent Tigray)
2. Denouncing the attending of Oromos in their Academic Institution.
3. Demanding that the Federal Police leave since it's composed of Oromo, etc.
The community of Mekelle University Oromo students is under siege; the Mekelle residents are currently consulting with Tigrian students to coordinate ways for massive revenge campaigns. The Tigrian Police forces are also sympathetic to and supportive of the current plot against Oromo Students.

Currently, pamphlets are circulating in Adi Hakki Campus warning Oromo Students to leave Tigray within three days. Otherwise, Oromos Students are forewarned that severe harm (action) will be inflicted upon them.

Yesterday, the father of Mowahl Arefayne and religious leaders came to Campus to explain the circumstances of Mowahla's death to Tigrian Students. Despite being informed that the death of Mowahl was an act of suicide (apparently he hanged himself), the Tigrians have vowed to continue their actions as their question is more than who killed who but to make sure that Oromos are kept out of their sight and be driven out of their country.

The condition in the University at present is tense: we are not allowed to leave our dormitories after 9pm and we are not allowed to leave the campus compound altogether. While Tigrian students are freely roaming around the campus and conducting several meetings and consultations, the sight of a gathering of few Oromo students is not tolerated and we are dispersed with baton-armed Tigrian policemen.

As reported previously, dozens of Oromo Students were injured during the Two nocturnal pogroms and were taken to hospitals where they were denied medical treatments. Even the hospital workers have ganged up against us and are saying that they would not treat wounded Oromos. Instead, we are told to take the injured Oromos to wherever they could get care if we wished.

Disputes have also been witnessed between members of the Federal Police who are of Oromo blood on one hand and the Agazi force and Tigray Region Police on the other hand over the mal-treatment of Oromo students. The action of these Oromo Federal Police members is something to be proud of.
Tune in for updates on the plight of Oromo University students at<>
Victory to the Oromo People!!!
Oromia will be liberated with the blood of her Children!!!!
Mekelle University Oromo Students

Partial list of injured Oromo Students:
1. Yaadasaa Kennaa
2.Kaasaa Kumarraa
3.Duulaa Dabalaa
4.Caalaa Hordofaa
5.Xibabuu Mokonon
8.Baahiruu Kabbadaa
9.Kumsaa Margaa
10.Bantii 11.Kadiir
12.Moluu Diimaa
13-16: four others not identified by name yet.
Source: LOF News June 8 2006

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