Monday, March 18, 2013

Ami Jundi & Taha Abdo Tuko disassociating from the OLF Faction led by TPLF General Kamal Gantu

Disassociating from the OLF Faction Led by General Kamal Galchu Ever since we reached the ripe age, we have continually been taking part in the struggle, as did our forefathers, to end the systematic marginalization of the Oromo people under an oppressive rule and to enable the Oromo to regain its legitimate rights as members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Noting that the OLF, despite earning the adoration and support of the Oromo people, have become paralyzed from within and without unable to wage an effective struggle to achieve its cherished objectives, we participated, along with other OLF leaders, officers, and ordinary members, in the renewal movement of 2008 with the intention of remedying the manifold maladies that retarded the struggle, removing the dysfunctions that stood in the way of organizational rejuvenation and effectiveness, and overcoming inequities. Afterwards, however, our dream of seeing the unity of Oromo compatriots, the renewal of our beloved organization, its transformation into a progressive and democratic organization, and the intensification of the struggle so as to empower the Oromo people realized gradually turned into one long nightmare after another. Under a circumstance in which our yearning to renew OLF is not materialized and in the absence of an enabling internal environment, finding that not only will our continuing with this faction not meet our own standards but also does not serve the interests of the Oromo struggle and unconvinced that our involvement with the faction would in anyway benefit the cause of the great Oromo people, we want to make public our decision to willingly withdraw from the leadership as well as membership of the faction of OLF led by General Kamal Galchu effective March 15, 2013. As we issue this statement, we want to underscore that, since it is obligatory to persevere in the struggle while our people is still under subjugation, our disassociation from this faction does not constitute distancing from the just struggle of the Oromo people and accordingly we reiterate our determination to renew our commitment to continue our efforts by choosing in due time to be part of a platform that we believe would advance the Oromo people's legitimate struggle for freedom and justice. Amin Jundi Taha Abdo Tuko


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