Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wayyaanee continued massive arrest of prominent Oromos

The so called him self "Ethiopian government" TPLF/Wayyaanee continued massive arrest of prominent Oromos.

The following prominent Oromos have been taken from their homes and sent to detention centers agin.

Those Arrested From Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)

1. Mr, Asafa Dibaba a teacher of the Afan Oromo language from Finfinnee (A.A) university,
2. Mr, Kabbada Borana, the manager of Hilton Hotel,
3. Mr, Nugusee Dibaba, a known college student,
4. Mr, Fiqadu Jalqaba, a known college student,
5.Mr, Bakala Nagari, a business man,
6. Mr, Dajana Dhaba, a business man.

Those Arrested From Nekemte, Western Oromia

The following Oromos have been arrested from Western Oromia, Eastern Wollegga Zone, Nekemte town.

1. Mr Dastaa Kitiil , brother of Isheetuu Kitil, owner of Hawi Hotel
2. Mr Warqinaa, a teacher at Dallo school
3. Mr Namoomsaa Warqinaa, a teacher at Bakkee Jamaa school
4. Mr Geetahuun an employee of Wallagga University
5. Mr Balayii Kormee a worker of Nekemte Hospital Pharmacy.
6. Mr Kabbada Bultii, a business man.


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