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Milosevic and Melesovic: Parallel lives of the Serb and the African Tyrants

Milosevic and Melesovic: Parallel lives of the Serb and the African Tyrants

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

April 15, 2007

If Plutarch lived in our days, he would not compose the Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, which gained immortality under the shorter title form of ‘Parallel Lives’; he would rather write a treatise on the Lives of the Lead European and African Tyrants, humiliating the entire Mankind for tolerating such criminals for too long.

Certainly his best couple of literary / political comparison would be formed by Slobodan Milosevic of the defunct Yugoslavia and Meles Zenawi of the dysfunctional, relic –like, ailing bogus ’Ethiopia’. Anticipating events and literary compositions, the oppressed peoples of today’s Abyssinia, the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Afars, the Ogadenis, and others, demand intellectual property rights as regards this thought.

Not well known beyond the borders of the Cemetery of Peoples – Ethiopia, the comparison is in common use in Finfinne, Awasa, Harar and other cities and villages of Abyssinia. There, all the people call Meles Zenawi as Melesovic, slightly altering the condemned Serb dictator’s name. Melesovic instead of Meles is not a figure of speech. It testifies to the total rejection of the criminal African tyrant by the entire population, the tyrannized masses of this vast Cenotaph.
At the same time, this attitude expresses their hope that the International Community will demonstrate the same concern for Humanity, the same sensitivity for Human Rights’ violations, the same reaction to inhuman practices as the International Court of Justice did in the case of the ruthless Serb. They still believe that allover the world Life has the same price, the same value, and the same principles.

I want to give space now to an Original African, a Great Oromo Intellectual, who reveals, through the lines of his Description, to readers from allover the world the deep feelings of anger and indignation shared by all Oromos, by all the oppressed peoples, throughout the Melesovic realm of dehumanizing criminality. Listen to Rundassa Eshete, Chairman of the US-based Oromian National Academy, and react!

Every moment Meles Zenawi, the so called African Melesovic, stays in power is a moment closer to Africa’s control by Ossama Bin Laden. Stop it!

Description of Meles Zenawi’s inhuman plans for Oromia

Dear Dr. Muhammad,

The Ethiopian wordsmith mostly resides in Amhara/Tigre, and has been adroitly itching them any time the issue of Oromo and Oromia comes up, regardless how much we the Oromians find their vocabularies irksome.

Not only us the Oromians, but the entire world knows that these two tribes of Habasha (Abyssinian) origin do not only control our countryside, our capital city Finfinnee, and numerous large cities such as Dirree Dhowa, Harar, Adama, Bishoftu, Ambo, Gobbaa etc but they also oppress our lives, our culture, our emotions and our entire national and physical entity, via their twisted politics and tricky nature.

So, regardless of how much some of us, the Oromians, attempt to contain our disgust against the Abyssinian colonization by remaining unmindful and unconcerned about all the jailing and the murder, which they have been committing against our own sisters, brothers and families, we always end up weakened by their usual deceitful practices in the face of those who do not know the nature of the Abyssinian cunning.

Here enters the “Tigre specialist in Cunning", roaring to the fray of this booty; as a the beast in the political landscape, he tells us in the same Abyssinian way that the Oromians are so happy because their language is spoken everywhere in Oromia. He does so, as if they gave us the right to speak our language, afaan Oromo, ever since they colonized our country Oromia in 1991.
The truth is that we, the Oromians, had our own language before the Abyssinian tribe, the Habashas, crossed the Red Sea into Africa, and we did practice Gadaa, our unique democratic system, until they came and destroyed it.

Hence, Tigre and Amhara are not in a position to give us the right to speak afaan Oromo or to live in Oromia; contrarily to their assumptions, they should humbly apply for citizenship in Oromia. We, the Oromians, did not invade the Tigre region, and we did not even think of preventing the Tigrians from speaking Tigrinya; nor did we go to Gondar, that smelly Amhara settlement, to prohibit Abyssinians from speaking their idiom that they have great difficulty in writing down. It is them who control Oromia and its entire cities; it’s them who extract and usurp our valuable resources, including diamonds, goldmines, coffee etc. How have they financed the Tigre Agazi army that keeps massacring the Oromo youth, while building at the same time immense jails and labyrinth-like prisons allover our soil?
Besides, it is them who shamelessly rob all our natural resources shipping them to their region, Tigre. How do they dare tell us that we must be happy with the right they assumed they gave us to speak afaan Oromo? The truth is, they should be happy and grateful every time their beggars in Finfinnee receive a coin from an Oromian.

We, the Oromians, were optimistic that some day the Abyssinians will realize that the world is about to become free, getting rid of tyrannies in the same way as the Czechoslovakians, and other Eastern European nations. It is true that around the world many peoples have guardedly become masters of their homelands without a war taking place. Unfortunately enough, our Tigre rulers dream of going further on; even beyond occupying Oromia, they intend to control Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti, and Eritrea. The reason for this is that Christian America and Britain are behind them, helping them repeat and extend what they have done over the past 130 years.
Our Abyssinian tribesmen could not get inspired by Mandela’s great decision to step down from power and let the nation elect whom ever they wanted to. What they are able to deliver is murder of thousands of people, and imprisonment of tens of thousands of people. As they fear the occurrence of the Rwanda type of massacres in this so-called Ethiopia, they are presently panicked. Under normal circumstances, anyone fearing to face mass massacres’ consequences has to definitely refrain from jailing, killing and ethnic cleansing. This rule however does not apply in the paranoid case of the Abyssinian tribe of Tigre.

These mischievous and evil-minded people reiterate their concerns for the Abyssinian refugees, but it is them who drove millions of Oromian refugees out of their homes, settlements, hamlets, villages, towns and cities; it’s them who put us at gunpoint. They talk about ‘Unity’ and ‘Nation-building’ but they represent 2% population of Tigri origin, ruling over 40 million Oromians. Worse, by massively exterminating the Oromo youth, they plan to reduce the overall Oromo population, and by dispossessing Oromian entrepreneurs from their businesses, they carry out an economic extinction program. Furthermore, they implement the old colonial ‘Divide et Impera’ prescription by creating a rift between parts of the Oromo nation, namely the Borana, the Guji, and the Karayyu and other oppressed nations of Abyssinia as the Afars.

Bear in mind that these mendacious and mean people dare claim that they gave the Oromo people the right to TV programs in afaan Oromo, when all people know that these programs are totally controlled by some scarce collaborators who act as their puppets. In fact, all radio and TV stations use Amharic as means of communication for no less than 99% of their emissions’ time. When falsely claiming that Oromos can speak afaan Oromo in today’s Abyssinia, they seem to forget that Oromians fear speaking afaan Oromo in Finfinnee today as m uch as they did during the Haile Selassie and Mangistu tyrannies.

The only difference that exists between the Haile Sslassie and the present Tigrian ruler is that Haile Selassie stole US $ 11 billion, safely storing them on his Geneva bank account, whereas an Meles is currently looting the entire Oromia; along with his fellow tribesmen, they pinch all booty they can from Oromia to build hospitals, universities, and even an international airport back in the wasteland of their Tigre region.

True, during Haile Selassie era, no one heard of the term Oromia; today we do hear the name, yet this is a premeditated trickery. The term " Oromia" is only used by the Tigrians to outset their Amhara rivals from power, and this occurred when the Tigre regime allowed Oromians’ emotion to surface for a while, so the the Tigre regime benefits targeted temporary gains. This was a tactics initially used by the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic – and for this reason we prefer to rename Meles Zenawi, our dictator, as Melesovic!

So, the egg shell of the current Tigre dictatorship in Ethiopia simply burst open at a breakneck speed, making of them the most discredited liars of the 21st century. In any event, the twisting and the lie about how much the Abyssinians love us, the Oromians, is nothing new in the never ending shifting of global politics under which they have had to prostitute themselves solely to control the Oromo nation.

In what seemed to be a wink of an eye, all those who colonized the Oromo Nation and Oromia, can change their words and this is how we recognize that they are Professional Liars; they can even arrange a ceremony out of it and even receive honorary degrees from their partners’ university the supposedly academic and impartial "Harvard".

Furthermore, the West not only helps them, financing their bullets that they use to kill innocent school kids, but also advices them how to become perspicuously devilish politicians able to deal with any internal and external problems by circumspectly analyzing the situation.
And, indeed, who could deny the fact that politics requires lying, jailing, and murdering? Nonetheless, this lightening-sped scenery of political maneuvering reduced dramatically the Abyssinian collective memory, as they seem to have forgotten their long-lasting starvation over the 1980s to duly enjoy the lavish, ceremonious gala reception offered in honour of Melesovic’s daughter upon the accomplishment of her Secondary Education studies! This was part of the ‘politically correct’ for a starving and oppressed country ruled by the Abyssinian dictator.
As it happened at the times of Haile Selassie’s generals, an Oromo turned collaborator and butcher of other Oromos may still be rewarded and promoted to General. This is true, and reflects the way the Abyssinian rulers thank an apostate who may have executed numerous criminal tasks against his own nation. This guy may even wave a stick in his hand with pride, while the emotionally inebriated Tigrians in Oromia lift him up in the air in earnest, much like what people do in America during the Super Bowl Sunday to the coach of the winning team! But this does not mean that the Oromians are free of Living Death and Jailed life that the Tigre invading tribe brought upon them.

Incidentally, what we are watching in Abyssinia is this American Sunday impending football ritual described above live on TV, in action. And, of course, this happens to be the day when the raging hormones and all the male adrenaline are rushed to be unloaded towards their female counterparts in the form of physical and sexual abuses, so say the experts. But that is totally a different story for another day.

As I attempted to describe what inhuman plan Melesovic and his tribe are carrying out in Oromia, it can be easily deduced that it is not about bringing Democracy and Justice to anyone; it rather consists in the drawing of a better marked line between them and the rest of us, so that they feel free to retaliate and kill without reason. It is all about addressing bestial emotions’ needs.

These Abyssinian circles are so intertwined with Hate, concepts of Tribal Superiority, and Ambition for Domination that anyone suspected to go against them is immediately enmeshed; consequently, the objective analysis of any political event becomes a very difficult task, as the events are hard to discern and penetrate.

In fact, we need no one to tell us about the honeymooning practices of Melesovic and Hitler whose savagery actions were both abruptly blown out of proportion, with the only exception that the latter were carried out in 1930s - 40s Germany, whereas the former are currently underway in Oromia, Eastern Africa.

Finally, whenever I encounter any Abyssinian telling the world that they love the Oromo Nation, finding this attitude as insulting and deceitful, I shudder to reflect to my listeners my apprehension about their sincerity.

Knowing how angry the Oromians are, I hope they will get rid of their oppressor soon, forming their independent state of Oromia that will be governed by their own traditional African democratic system, the Gadaa.

Rundassa Eshete

Chairman of the Oromian National Academy


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I am optimistic that the day will come on which Meles with his perpetuals will be asked for what he is doing in Oromia.


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