Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why Mr. Meles wants this tragedy drama?

By Abera Oluma

So called Ethiopian prime Minister Meles Zenawi has announced that, as he is ready to go to war with Somalia . The gathering of wayane’s, called ‘’Ethiopian parliament members’’ also approved his proposal for invading Somalia.
While the peoples in the region are suffering under chronic and complex man made and natural disasters like poverty, starvations, civil wars, backwardness and lack of democracy; the Meles regime is still concentrating on war adventure.

Mr Meles is deliberately exacerbating the existences of Islamist extremism in the horn of Africa and tries to blame genuine opposition in the empire as they have attachment with those groups. So he is delighted and so quickie to interfere in Somalia crisis case. Meles wants to use this situation at most, for three reasons.

1. to show his war supremacy in the African region.
2. to create real religion conflicts in the horn of Africa.
3. to divert the attention of the world community

Meles want this tragedy, because from the very beginning till now, all the Ethiopia empire rulings groups have similar policy, characters and interests. They all have policy of tyranny and chauvinism’ depending on their arm strength. Mr Meles could not be different from his predecessors, so he wants to be most African war adventurer. For this context, the Ethio-Eritiran war 1998 which was devastating act for nothing was unforgettable experience.

I remember the speech of Eritrean Government spokesman, when he told the BBC saying that “the fighting was the heaviest for more than a year, and said Ethiopia was launching fresh human wave" assaults”.

For the TPLF being good war adventure and looking at such action film gives enjoyment. They also use such war system to punish the entire peoples which not belongs to their ethnic group.

The second reason is to turn one against the other and make them weak, politically and economically to benefit out of it. The government exploit the situation to sustain him self in power for a long period of time with out any strong opposition. Meles has a focus specially, on the Oromo people. Historically the enemy of the Oromo people (Mr. Meles) has done all what he could to crackdown the struggle for freedom. But he could not eliminate it. So he is compelled to search for what he thought easer way to turn one another by creating religion conflicts in the region. This might make the people weak with less concentration on their common goal. The enemy thinks that it could divert the idea which is for national liberation struggle which liberate Oromiya from a century colonization of the tyranny.
As it is well known the Oromo people are of Waqaefata musilim and cristian. So according to Mr. Meles thinking the Oromo people could turn on one anther in religion cause and forget the national liberation struggle so that he could sustain in power and exploit the wealth of Oromia. He thought he could use such conflict to distort the unity of the Oromo people.

The 3rd one is that Mr Meles’s survival is with the support of the western and with the help of the world community. So if Mr. Zenawi exacerbate the religion conflicts in the Somalia and show his loyalty to the western in such bogus action mentioning terrorism he could restore credit from western countries.

Also he uses to draw the world community attention to different not to see the regime internal crises and the human right abuses the Ethiopian government committed. So that he could get huge assistances from the world community especially from the western. So he would have to crate such crises thus why Mr Mele making interference in Somalia internal conflict.

It is always what we see that the children of the TPLF officials and relatives are safe abroad on scholarship. For sure children of the TPLF officials and relatives will not be sending to any dangerous spot. But one thing should have to clear; the TPLF Government will kidnap youngsters from poor families and oppressed peoples like Oromo and southern nations to this useless war. So our people should have to be respond to this egoistic Tigrian government not to participate in unconcerned war.

I am sure unless and otherwise kidnapped just like before no one Oromo youth in the regime support this war and stand with them ever. By no means we stand behind those who are killing our children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sister. We must not stand behind our colonizers.

It is our recent memory that the lives lost in the Ethio- Eritrean bitter war ‘’human wave’’ from 1998 - 2000 which was an ordinary gambling between the two dictators Mr. Mels Zenwi and Mr. Isayas Afewerki.
I still remember the hundreds of thousands Oromo brothers kidnapped and brought to the slaughter fields. More than 130,000 young men died and the politicians are unable to solve their childish dispute until now. For the victims neither respect, nor appreciation was shown by the Tigrian government, TPLF leader Mr. Mels Zenaw.

Now it a time when these systems should be changed. Our youngsters and elders should have to ask for what matter if our youth die in unconcerned issue. Especially the Oromo people should have to raise this burring issues all of the time.

Still should we allow our young brothers to be fired in unconcerned Somali war? The answer should have to be absolutely no! We should have to respond to the tyranny Meles Zenawi in a clear language as we are ready to defend our self from the old century colonizers Ethiopian regime. Not from Somali.

The Oromo people gained nothing from the catastrophic Ethi-Eritirian war. Only what we got were loss of tenth of thousand lives of our youth generation; mess and suffer. Still the Oromo people will gain nothing from the war between the Ethiopian regime led by the minority Tigrian and Somalia and therefore the Oromo people must refrain from collaborating with the Ethiopian regime in the war effort. The Oromo people to remain focussed on the national liberation struggle to liberate Oromia from Ethiopian colonization.

Oromiyaan Ni bilisoomti!

Abera Oluma


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