Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oromo Artist Usmayo Musa died.

By Abera Oluma

Oromo Artist Usmayo Musa, fighter of Freedom died.

Artist Usmayo Musa died in East Oromia Ciro town on 18 11 2006. Artist Usmayo is known Oromo artist and loved Oromo nationalist.

Artist Usmayo was an Oromo nationalist gave priority to his people than him self. Because of this he suffered a lot. He kept in jail 8 years in a harsh Ethiopian person with no crime he committed. He was tortured and suffered a lot by the brutal TPLF. He gat sick in prison because of redundant torture he faced.

His death has an attachment to the result of torture and harsh conditions he faced in prison.
His funeral took place on 19 11 2006 in Ciro with a large crowd, in keeping with Oromo tradition.

Though an Oromo nationalist and artist Usmaayyoo Muusaa is rest in peace now, his legacy is beyond his grave and he passed on the torch of freedom to be pursued by million of Oromo and will burn the enemy till the freedom he and others fellow Oromo’s are aspired for is reigned.

We promise to follow the path of freedom you pursued your whole life and millions of Oromo are in line to fulfil the God given of Oromo right, to be the mater of there destiny.

This is not the first time Oromo citizens have fallen as the result of victim of torture of TPLF; many are fallen silent in the hands of TPLF murderer’s government agents. Those who have killed our people and will keep killing every single day and they will pay dearly price and let it be known that the demise of these butchers is on the horizon and to be witnessed by entire world soon.


At 4:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Usmayyoo I was not a kind of man that likes to give comments on different issues. Bur here I was forced to say some that I have due respect and love for songs. Besides, it worth mention that it is not only your music talent, that I believe you are in the heart of all the Oromo people, but also the sacrifice you pay absolutely for your goal.

In fact I have due respect most Oromo artists that your contribution was glorious and still vitals for Oromos to gain their natural right.

I adore you.


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