Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Unjustifiable Denial Of Certificate Of Graduation

To: -

  • United Nations Human Rights Commission
    African Human Rights Commission
    European Economic Commission
    African Union
    Amnesty International
    Institution of the Ombudsman
    Human Rights Watch
    Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
    Ethiopian Ministry of Education
    Embassy of Finland
    Embassy of Germany
    Embassy of Austria
    Embassy of Norway
    Embassy of Sweden
    Embassy of USA
    British Embassy
    Embassy of Canada
    House of Peoples’ Representatives
    Office of Ethiopian Prime Minister
    Mekelle University President
    Oromia National Regional State

Applicants : - Mekelle University Oromo Graduates of 2006.
Subject : - Unlawful Denial of Temporary Diploma of graduation and student copy
As mentioned in the headline, we, the following listed 19 students: - Namely,

  • 1. Abebe Gadisa
    2. Gana Jundi
    3. kebede Adugna
    4. Habib kemal
    5. Tubaa
    6. Fikiru
    7. kasehun Amenu
    8. Kedir Kiso
    9. Fitsum Babu
    10. Haile
    11. Demelash Afewerk
    12. Shami Mohammed
    13. Mohammed
    14. Deressa Gadissa
    15. Bikila Negasa
    16. Hunduma Fufa
    17. Abebe Birra
    18. Demis Alemayehu
    19. Dirirsa Kejela

Are among Oromo graduates of Mekelle University who have been deprived of our right to get our certificate of graduation by Mekele University. We all graduated from Meklle University on Sunday 16 July 2006 but the University like all other students when we approached the University to obtain our degree and student copy, the University refused to give us the documents we are entitled to get like other graduates of the University.

Having known about the unjustifiable refusal, we tried to inquire from the University the reason for the refusal repeatedly but it was in vain. Until now, we have not succeeded in getting any satisfactory explanation for the refusal from the concerned university authorities.

As a result of this unexplained action of the University, we are being tortured by all those unexpected problems to which this particular action of the University has exposed us.

We firmly believe that this is a country where rule of law exist. Accordingly, any action taken by any official has to be based on the law of the country. As graduate students, we are fully entitled to get our certificates. In the absence of any law justifying the action of the University, we consider the act of refusal to give us our certificates as discriminatory and unlawful.

In the absence of any lawful charge against us, which formally requests not to deliver to us our certificates, the act of the University would still be unlawful. Even if there is any charge against us, that does not justify refusal to give us our documents.

In denying us our documents, the University is depriving us of our human rights. As a result of the action of the University, our right to seek and get employment has been completely shattered. The University has ruined the expectation of our parents who have suffered with us for decades.

This act of the University has the effect of damaging our potential as young Ethiopians well educated and capable of taking part in the development of the country. This act has the negative effect of multiplying the number of unemployed youngsters, which does not in any way help the country. Hence, as we are poor and have nobody to respond to our dilemma, we seek your immediate intervention by way of influencing the concerned bodies so that we may get our certificates of graduation and be able to get employment. Now as things stand, we have nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat, let alone following our case and bring it to the attention of the concerned authorities at different levels of government officials.

We want you to help us by making the necessary call to all the concerned authorities on behalf of us based on humanitarian considerations. Our poor parents have invested on us any small penny they had hoping that their children one day would get jobs, but all of a sudden, we are going to depend on our poor parents.

With Best Regards!

Oromo Graduates of Mekelle University (2006)


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