Monday, August 07, 2006


Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Date: 07 Aug 2006

Flooding of the upper basin of the Awash River affected as many as 15,000 people in Southwest and West Shewa zones of Oromiya Region, on 28 July. The flood has affected three woredas in the zones. The full extent of the damage and casualties is yet to be assessed. Rescue operations commenced on 1-2 August, according to a WFP team deployed in the affected areas. The operation was expanded with the involvement of the military using boats to rescue individuals trapped in their villages. A joint Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency and Regional Bureau (DPPA/DPPB) mission conducted a rapid assessment on 31 July. So far, DPPA has dispatched 9.8 tonnes of grain, 2.7 tonnes of high-energy biscuits, 0.3 tonnes of vegetable oil, 8,800 plastic cups and plates, 1,800 blankets, 115 tents and 240 jerry cans to the affected population. A temporary clinic has been set up to provide service for people who are temporarily displaced. Local authorities predicted the floods will not adequately recede until the end of September. It is therefore expected that regional authorities will request additional assistance for the population in need. The affected areas are normally flood prone but the present flooding occurred earlier than usual and many residents were caught unprepared. Floods of a similar magnitude occurred 10 years ago in this area. Contact:


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Bilisuma said...

Waaqayyoo Uummata Oromoo namaan daran miidhamaa dararamaa jiru kana ati immoo nu jalaa hin miidhin kaa.

Yaa Rabbi ati namoota miidhamaniif illee mee jabina kee nuuf kenni kaa.

Yaa lolaa Oromiyaa diina balleessi malee,
Oromticha hintuqin Qulqulluu Waaqiin bule.

Yaa lageen Oromiyaa Dachee koo hin haxaayin,
Wayyaanee guuri malee kan homaanuu sii hintolin.

Qopheessaa mana Oromoo Swiss odeeffanoo yeroo eeggattan haalaan faana buutee dhiheessuu mee itti fufi jabaadhu. Galatoomi.

Injifanoo Uummata Oromoof!!!!!!


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