Monday, December 20, 2010

Disappearance of factions’ leader in Eritrea:

As well known, Eritrean government has organised and stationed Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) for the past ten years. According to Ethiopian review, one of the founders of EPPF, Tadesse Muluneh is disappeared in Eritrea.

There are also some others Ethiopian opposition and Liberation front obscured in Eritrea. OLF faction lead by Mr. Daud Ibsa and defected TPLF General Kamal Galchu are some of the groups stationed in Eritrea. It is unclear for how long and for what purpose they are staying over there, in such comportment.

Now according to the Ethiopian review EPPF is not the only group that is currently facing problem in Eritrea. Defected Mr. Kamal Galchu TPLF General has also been placed under a virtual house arrest. Hundreds of his followers that are stationed in Eritrea have been immobilized.

According to some analysts Mr. Esayas is not interested to help those oppositions stationed in Asmara. But he is only to use them as a tool to enforce TPLF to bring them to the negotiation table. It is also with ambition of forming puppet leaders under the title called “One Ethiopia” that could keep the old and weak Empire to exploit as the previous years.

In an interview he gave to Eritrean media on June 10, 2007 and published in “One Ethiopia” magazine, Isaias declared “It is our persistent stands to strive for a united Ethiopia.” He dreams about good relationship with good leader of that he is going to build in the future.

As of this point indicates, on a magazine produced and distributed by Mr Esayas and Co.ilustrates, map of the Ethiopian empire was adorned with green, yellow and red colour.

So could Mr. Esayas Afewerik‘s action gives us a good lesson?

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