Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Than 40 Immigrants Fleeing Ethiopia Detained in Kenya

The video reports are from NTV Kenya and KTN Kenya; more than 40 immigrants fleeing Ethiopia, and en route to South Africa and other safe countries are detained in Kenya. Authorities in Kenya are alleging human trafficking.

Historically, political persecution in Ethiopia have forced thousands to flee the country; the majority of those fleeing political persecution are from Oromo, the largest nation in Ethiopia.

It’s to be recalled that Kenya recently faced some criticisms from human rights organizations for its breaking of international laws when it handed over two UNHCR-registered Oromo refugees to Ethiopian security forces in 2008. Once in Ethiopia, Mr. Mesfin Abebe Abdissa and Mr. Tasfahuun Chamada Gurmessa, the two UNHCR-registered refugees abducted from Kenya, were persecuted to death and life sentences, respectively.


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