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Oromos Say No to Elections Announced by Ethio-Fascist Amhara and Tigray Butchers of Fake ´Ethiopia´

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis January 09, 2010

In two previous articles titled ´Amhara, Tigray Tyrants Guilty of Racist Discrimination Against Oromos in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)´ ( and

End the Oromo Genocide in Ethiopia! Stop the Amhara - Tigray Agenda of Kushitic Mass Extermination!´ (, I republished parts of an overwhelming Memorandum submitted by the Oromo Parliamentarians Council to many international organizations, governmental bodies, diplomatic representations, political parties, cultural associations, and NGOs.

Under the original title ´Complaint Statement on Racial Discrimination of Political, Social and Cultural Rights of Oromos in Ethiopia´, the text makes state of an appalling situation that people allover the world simply cannot accept without being at the same time deprived of their own humanity.

In the first article, I republished the following parts of the devastating Memorandum: ´Introduction´, ´Background´, ´Ethiopia: Land of Silence and Human Rights Violations´, and ´Ethiopia: one ethnic minority manipulating majority´. In the second article, I republished the following parts ´Ethiopia: Land of Silence and Starvation´ and ´Political Rights´.

With the present article, I complete the republication of the Memorandum that makes clear to all that tolerance of, or indifference toward, the racist and criminal Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic (Tewahedo) Abyssinian elites is not an option for the civilized world.

The Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic (Tewahedo) Abyssinian gangsters represent less than 18% of the country´s population, and after having subjugated many Eastern African Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations (Oromos, Ogadenis, Afars, Sidamas. Kambaatas, Shekachos, Kaffas, Gedeos, Wolayitas, Hadiyas, Anuak, Nuer and Gumuz) and occupied their lands, they carried out an unprecedented, systematic, covered but multifaceted, cultural and physical, genocide against all of the aforementioned nations.

The unrepresentative, ethnic-based, pseudo-diplomats of Abyssinia, when supposedly representing Abyssinia (fallaciously renamed ´Ethiopia´), promote the Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic (Tewahedo) tribal agenda of East African mass extermination and facilitate the methodic genocidal plans that have long been undertaken by the Amhara ? Tigray (Semitic Abyssinian) tyrants against all of the aforementioned Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

This inhuman situation, which is the daily reality lived by more than 65 million people in the colonial state of Abyssinia, strikingly contradicts speeches full of democratic promises and lectures full of economic pledges hypocritically made by the administrations of Western capitals to either Europeans or Africans.

It is therefore imperative that European and North American administrations remove their support offered to the said racist and criminal tribes and setup a UN-sponsored investigation committee that would lead to cruel gangster Meles Zenawi´s impeachment and to Ethiopia´s ultimate and most demanded demolition and dismemberment.

In forthcoming articles, I will extensively analyze the possible options of the Oromo struggle for national liberation, independence and secession from the terminating colonial relic of Abyssinia, I will interview Oromo political leaders, and I will republish other enlightening Reports that make clear what sort of farcical elections the racist and criminal Amhara ? Tigray rulers intend to organize in few months.


Oromo Journalists still in Detention since 2004

hiferaw Insermu (M) were both journalists working for the state owned TV on Afaan Oromo program. Both of them were arrested on April 30. 2004. Their residences were searched without warrant and their personal belonging including video cassettes and cameras, worth of thousands of Dollars were confiscated. They were severely tortured in Maikelawi detention centre they were transferred to Kerchele. Though the court released both of them on bail on August 6.2004 both of them remained in custody .This is one example of the violations of human rights and the right of free expression of ideas that is stated in the Ethiopian Constitution. The following are the pictures of the Oromo journalists suffer in Prison.

In Ethiopia the judiciary system is not free from politics. The government harasses judges who are not working for the ruling political party. They are under threat of losing their Job or torture if not complying with the state interest.The government discharged over 250 experienced Judges in 1997 under a cover of corruption.

Some Photos of Oromo Killed since November 2005

Names of Addis Ababa University Oromo Students Executed in Kerchelle Prison

Alamaayyoo Garbaa (M) ( AAU-Psychology)

Gaaddisaa Hirphasaa (M) (AAU-Civil Eng.)

Morkata Idosa (AAU Student)

Names of School Children Executed at Ambo High School of Western Showa Zone

Jaagamaa Badhaanee (M)

Kabada Badhasa (M)

Names of School Children Executed at Inango town of Western Wollega Zone

Melaku Fayisa (Inango high school)

Dabala Olika (Inango high school)

Photos of MTA, leaders and University Students Illegally Imprisoned

Leaders of Matcha and Tulama Association (MTA) still kept in detention after the court granted them to be released on bail.

Mangistu Dasta (General Secretary)

Tsaggaayee W/Yohaannis (Board member)

Photos of Addis Ababa University Oromo students still in detention

Bilisummaa Dabaree (Architecture)

Taayyee Danda´aa (Law ykn Seera)

Once again the TPLF/ EPRDF regime has deliberately organized and instigated armed attack on the Oromo. This time, the regime organized, trained, armed and unleashed militia from Gumuz, a nation in a region neighboring Oromia from the West, on wanton killings of the Oromos of East Wallaggaa, Western Oromia. This is a Crime against Humanity.

The Oromo and Gumuz peoples have lived together as good neighbors for hundreds of years. It is these neighboring peoples that the TPLF regime maliciously turned against each other causing days of violence that claimed the lives of more than 400 people, as a result of a campaign that went on from May 17, 2008 to May 19, 2008. The Gumuz militia attack on the unarmed civilian Oromos caused the death of hundreds and many more injuries and displacement of hundreds to people, and destruction of large amount of properties. The TPLF regime trained and armed Gumuz militia with AK-47 and heavy machine-guns and ordered them to commit indiscriminate killings of unarmed Oromo civilians of East Wallagaa. As a matter of the TPLF government's policy, the Oromos were disarmed and are not allowed to bear arms. The Gumuz militia attacked the unaware and unarmed civilians. Hundreds of Oromos were subjected to horrific and barbaric killings. The militia is said to be so heavily armed that the local police themselves had to flee along with the civilians. The relevant government body and armed forces were bystanders watching the massacre of the unarmed and defenseless Oromos.


Last, but not least, we call upon the international community and governments to exert all necessary pressures on the TPLF regime to desist from its inhuman and destructive policies of deliberately setting the people it purports to govern against each other. We also call on all concerned governments and international organizations to pay close attention to the crime against humanity the minority tyrannical TPLF regime is perpetrating in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa in general and take remedial actions before it is too late. We call European Union And USA government to stop all economic and material support for dictatorial regime.

Related with election 2005 and Uprising in Oromia: More than 400 Casulaties

In general, Oromo students are discriminately killed in Mana Sibu, Kilitu Kara, Inangoo, Bojii Dirmaji, Gimbi, Xiquri Inxini, Chalia, Ambo, Abay Choman, Horoo Guduru, Jaldu and in all Oromia districts: more than 400 people have been executed on cold-blooded murder.

Louis Michel with Meles Zenawi

June 14, 2008 (EMF) ? The European Commissioner for development and humanitarian aid, Louis MICHEL will provide 674 million Euro to Zenawi´s regime through its 10th Development Fund, day after HRW condemns the EU to accomplice Meles Zenawi´s crime against Humanity. The news is a shock to the EU parliament and members states, source close to EMF said. According to our sources, Louis MICHEL will be under fire as it is contrary to the parliament´s resolution. "We don´t allow tax payers money to be used for atrocities," an MPE said.
All Ethiopians are urged to write a protest letter to Louis Michel (, denouncing this irresponsible act.


1. Livelihood

There were credible reports that teachers and other government workers had their employment terminated if they belonged to opposition political parties. According to opposition groups OFDM and ONC, the Oromia regional government continued to dismiss their members--particularly teachers--from their jobs. The FDRE Constitution Article 38(2) grants the right of everyone to be a member of his own will in political organization, labour union, trade organization, or employers or professional association shall be respected if he or she meets special and general requirements stipulated by such organization.

2. Labour Rights

During the year the National Workers Federation for Crops, Fishery and Agro Industry reported that union leaders in the Oromia Region were harassed, intimidated, and imprisoned by regional police in collaboration with employers. The federation also reported that Kebele militia or local police killed activists working in a sugar cane project in the Afar Regional government, in Sabure Woreda, Awara Melka. The federation has submitted a formal letter requesting the government to investigate, but no investigation had been conducted by year's end. FDRE constitution Article 42(1) protects the right to form trade unions, associations, organisation or what ever collectively. But to get any job the government forced to be a ruling party member. Because of that thousands of Oromo intellectuals are lost their jobs.

3. Public Health

The statistical information of comparison Government´s home Tigray and Oromia showed the government´s discriminatory social care. That is, infant mortality rate (death /1000 births) is 116 in Oromia, while 104 in Tigray, under the age of five (mortality rate /1000 births) is 195 in Oromia, while 170 in Tigray; % of children fully vaccinated in the year 2000 shows that Oromia is only 10 %, while Tigray is 42%. Tigray has more than four times the vaccination rate for Oromia. The result is that far more children in Oromia are likely to die of preventable childhood diseases than in all other regions in Ethiopia.

Percentage of house holds possessing bed nets in Oromia is only 0.3%, while Tigray is 3.1%, even though Oromia is more susceptible to Malaria. Population to physician´s ratio Oromia is 1:60,835, while Tigray is 1: 28,614.

People and power aired on 21 February 2009 that heavily polluted water from Koka Lake at the heart of Oromia glows a toxic green algae. Most of the fish are dead and the thousands of people who have no choice but to drink the lake's water each day are left to deal with a range of problems from babies born with birth defects to chronic diarrhea. According Article 41(4) of FDRE constitution, the state has the obligation to allocate ever-increasing resources to provide to the public health, education and other social services.

4. Education

According to the above-mentioned statistics, the enrolment ratio of children for primary education (Grade 1-8), Oromia is 62.8%, while Tigray is 77.6%. Secondary education enrolment (grade 9-12) of the same year, 2002, Oromia is 11.6%, while in Tigray is 24.8%.

5. Budget allocation and infrastructure

TPLF ethnic based government of Ethiopia from the beginning still now use unfair and un proportional government subside for Regional states and infrastructural and capacity building, In 2006/2007 Federal budgets subside for Oromia, 3,000,000,000 birr or per Person 50 birri, for Tigray 824,000,000 birr or per person 500 birr, In 2008/2009 Federal subside for Oromia 5,774,760,000 or per person 45 birr, for Tigray 1,175,590,000 per person 700 biir. With in 17 years the TPLF government in small territory of Tigray constructed 5 international Air Ports but for biggest regional state of Oromia is not constructed any Air port. Universities, Road, Pure water constriction, Telecommunications and electric power distributions also unfair and totally constructed in Tigray.

6. Religion

Authorities continued to ban Waka-Feta, a traditional animist Oromo religious group, because unsubstantiated suspected that it has links to the Oromo Liberation Front. Article 27(1) of FDRE constitution grants freedom of religion.

7. National Defense

FDRE constitution of Article 87(1) indicates that the composition of the national armed forces shall reflect the equitable representation of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. However, the only source of temporary stability of the current government rests on the regime's total control over the military and security forces and its readiness to use it without hesitation consequently the military remained an ethnically Tigrayans dominated the senior officer corps through preferential promotions. In 2007 more than 20,000 ethnic Oromo were totally removed form the army form Generals up to army.


The Office of the Ombudsman has the authority to receive and investigate complaints with respect to misadministration by executive branch offices. The office received hundreds of complaints this year, mainly focused on delays or denials in services, improper institutional decisions, promotions or demotions, and pension issues. It is not known which complaints were investigated or acted upon.

Ethiopia ratified the international convention on the Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination in 1976, and the Ethiopian constitution also prevents racial discrimination. However, the TPLF-led Ethiopian government has not yet put fully into place mechanisms for effective enforcement of these protections. Oromo Parliamentarian Council pleads the Human Right´s Watch Group to do all pressure on the Ethiopian government so that it respects its own constitution, international treaties and covenants it has signed and ratified.

Dr. Getachew Jigi

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council


You can contact the Oromo Parliamentarians Council here:
Gumii Paarlaamaa Oromoo (GPO),
Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC)
Sint-Jobstraat 43, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium
Tel. 00 32 488 47 93 60 00 32 488 47 93 60



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