Thursday, October 08, 2009

URGENT APPEAL to Save the lives of two Oromo Asylum seekers arrested in Egypt.

Two Oromo Asylum seekers were arrested after being abducted by smugglers and kept hostage for one month.they were threated to death by smmuglers, later after there released them, they were arrested by Egyptian Authority on there way. Those two Asylum seekers are seriously at risk passing many unsucceessful journey in saving there live.who will be of help.

Getting out of the Hell of -‘ Ethiopia’ is not an easy story; it takes much money or great despair, and is achieved through many ways leading to a great number of destinations. In Cairo there are Oromo Refugees who fled Ethiopian tyranny, unaccompanied girls without male support, children minors ,women with children,young refugees without work, living in destitute living condition.People with No Home! No Land ! No family ! Children with No parents ! It is Sad Oromos live such live.stateless humankind treated like craps everywhere on earth.I request All humanitarian bodies to attentively handle Oromo peoples grievience so that the oppressed community at home cannot be made to suffer again at the hand of same aggressors in Exile.

by A.Gumi



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