Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oromo:-Shanee Gumi call for Kenyan mediation

By Abera Oluma

4 November 2006 Saturday Shanee Gumii asked Kenyan government to media between him and TPLF.

Shane Gumi official said it also wanted Kenyan help.

"We have asked the Kenyan government to help us resolve this as they did with Sudan. They have the experience to help with mediation," said Shane’s head of diplomacy.

So called Mr Ebbaa head of diplomacy of Shane Gumi said his group also wanted Kenya to raise the Shane’s concerns at the regional body, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and at the African Union.

But He said Kenya had not yet responded to the Shane Gumi’s request.

As it is widely known Shane Gumi is the group of individual Oromo’s recently separated from Oromo Liberation Front which is fighting for the self determination of the Oromo people.

Oromo Liberation Front accuses Shane Gumi betraying the Kaayyoo bilisumma (the basic Program of OLF) which is widely gat acceptance within the majority of the Oromo people.

Recently OLF and ULFO (United Liberation Front of Oromia) condemned the negative acts of Shane Gumi. Shane Gumi group recently joined an enemy camp and formed alliance with groups of Ethiopians which is the historical enemies of the Oromo people and antagonistic of Oromo struggle.


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