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Dismissal of Oromo Students from universities continued; several have disappeared

September 6, 2006 (Oromia) - The condition at Haramaya University is deteriorating. A few among the over 60 students on the lookout list by the Federal police have reportedly been arrested. Many others are still in hiding. They are afraid of giving themselves up for fear of torture and possible killings at the hands of the TPLF militia. So far, it is confirmed that 42 students have been dismissed from the university, all of them reportedly Oromo. The names of some of the students who have been dismissed from Haramaya University include:

1. Irmaal Tasfaayee, Economics,
2. Demisse Ugussee, ADM,
3. Ebraam Daargee, Geography,
4. Kadir Adam, Soil Engineering,
5. Taaddasaa Mangashaa, Soil Engineering,
6. Waaqjiraa Emmiruu, AOL,
7. Eeliyas Adam, Agro Economics,
8. Mustafaa Maammiruu, Agro Economics,
9. Amiinaa Shibbiruu, Chemistry,
10. Hamid Milkeessa, Physics,
11. Kaamil Ahmad, Animal Science, and
12. Kibroon Takkaa, Education.

In addition, over 10 support staff at the University have been barred from their jobs. These are guards, cafeteria workers, proctors and others engaged in the non-academic and auxiliary functions. Out of these the following four have been arrested:

1. Ibsaa Muummad, Guard,
2. Ingilizuu (Nick name), Guard,
3. Hassan, Cafeteria worker and
4. Kadir, Cafeteria worker.

In connection to the unrest at the University of Haramaya, there is a widespread arrest and harassment of residents from the town of Baatee, Haramaya. Accordingly, the following high school students are under incarceration:

1Muraad Ahmed and 2. Ramadan Abdalla.
It is reported that these students are denied family visit. Their families fear that they will be subjected to torture. In addition, the following four other high school students are also arrested, but their whereabouts is unknown:
1. Ramadaan Galiilee,
2. Abdii Ammaa,
3. Kadir Raabsaa and
4. Dhaqqabaa Bakar

Oromo Students Dismissed from University of Adama

In a related report, students at Adama University are also facing the fate of their counterparts at Haramaya University. Accordingly, the following students are expelled:

1. Waaqjiraa Magarsaa, Computer Science,
2. Daani’eel Birraatuu, Accounting,
3. Gammachuu Immiruu, Math,
4. Gammachuu Fayisaa, Banking,
5. Taarikuu Olaanaa, Surveying,
6. Tolasaa Nagaraa, Accounting,
7. Malaakuu … ELC, electrical, and
8. Gurum Waldee

Many other students were also abducted during the night. Some were snatched from their dormitories. They were initially taken to the prison known in the city as 04, but now their whereabouts is unknown.

The University of Adama was under the control of the Oromia police the first couple of days. Today the Federal Police, known as Agazi, has taken control of the university after accusing the Oromia police for sympathizing with the students.

The teaching-learning process in the three universities (University of Haramaya, Adama, and Jimma) continues to be interrupted.

Division of Information
OLF Foreign Relation Office

In the names list of some students who have been dismissed from Haramaya University listed above we saw spell error. It is corrected as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

1 Ermias Tasfaye Daba, Agro Economis
2 Damasa Negasa Kum ABM
3 Abrha Darge
4 Kadir Adem, Plant Science


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

firstly, i would like to say hi!
when i read this i have seen the problem on thespelling ao the names.
that is;
1.Ermias Tasfaye Daba,Agro Economics
2.Damasa Negasa Kuma, ABM
3.Abraha Darge,
4.Kadir Adem, Plant Science


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